TV – starring Louise, please.

Louise Schofield TV fizzes with the essence of an Entertainment Supergrrrrl. You know you’re probably at the right event, if her friendly energy is helping to light it up.

Louise Schofield, creator/presenter, is part of the newer wave’s army of women who give the next arts industries fresh possibilities.

TheZineUK recently turned the camera back on her, for an informative interview. Louise talks Britain and Ireland’s incredible rising alternative rock scenes, getting from passion to the reality of her rapidly growing channel and even how daunting this path in life can be. There is so much more and it’s a feel good thing.

Like all stars in our story, it seems, Louise is a fun loving multi talent: Writer, Actress, Comedian and technician, Louise hosts hosts Lullaby Sessions and has presented for BBC Sesh, Cardiff Music Awards, GameFX, BBC Horizons Welsh Showcase at Liverpool Sound City, Merthyr Rising, The Great Escape and Focus Wales 

Recently presenting with Jack Wood (Radio X) for Modern Age Music at #TGE19’s @AltEscape, Louise will be at Modern Age’s Tramlines Fringe stage in July.

Like many of our friends, Louise is proof that positivity is an empowerment – and that you don’t have to walk over others to get somewhere, just work hard and keep developing.

Louise setting up her one woman TV show-in-a-back-pack, at The Music People Party 2018 (TheZineUK’s annual December social)

Having done this for a few years now, her professional demeanor is impressive: Engaging, insightful and enthusiastic, the down to earth conversations put interviewees at ease. This results in some of the most informal but informative stories. Influenced by an eclectic mixture – Jameela Jamil, Kate Tempest, Lauren Laverne and Zane Lowe – I can see this lady being an influence herself.

Louise (and cameraman, Sammy Jetter Kell, were part of the instant funshine family created by legendary CroCroLand Festival on April 6th.

Our documentary is as much narrated by filmed interactions and social media as by DJs/presenters (Dizzy Spell, Jean Genie, Peggy From Earth, KG Interviews and our Monefa at Kick Out The Jams suggesting you “dig deep for Musicians Against Homelessness”!) as it is by pictures and words. Louise weaves naturally into this tapestry of poetic souls.

We first met in Spring 2018 through email conversation so light hearted and helpful that I couldn’t wait for us to chat in person. The resulting Unique Lullaby interview (after The Blinders wall bending set at Sound City) was a well researched (if a little gig-hoarse on the lead singer’s part) chat in a quiet street. It was so bouyant that the band break into song at one point, before Thomas Haywood ran away at the sound of the ice cream van’s bell! Ha ha, love it, still.

In the situationist magick of TheZineUK story, both Louise and The Blinders have noticeably blossomed.

Fast forward to Spring 2019; Having stayed in touch regularly, we appreciate that Louise took the time and skills to report from our 5th Anniversary kick off at Camden Monarch, despite being increasingly busy.

Thank you to all who came and/or supported. Soundtrack; ‘Micky’ by The Rezner.

She has a wide remit to report on what’s HAPPENING. The following evening Louise was hosting/presenting at the National Film Awards (and interviewing Idris Elba for the event’s Instagram, into the bargain!)

Hyper active/productive and in the know, Louise shines out from all size screens. Rising event promoters, Modern Age Music, cite her one of the nation’s best presenters. There’s a wealth of interviews already – aside from the above mentioned – they include Blood Red Shoes, Neville Staple of The Specials, Bang Bang Romeo, Fontaines D.C., Gaz Coombes, Edith Bowman, Trampolene, The Cosmics, Ivory Wave, False Heads, Dream Wife, The Novus, Avalanche Party, Pretty Vicious, The Rezner, Shame and Boy Azooga. So much more is in the stars.

This world needs good hearts in the the arts, like this engagingly animated “IT” girl for all seasons. “Everything is at ease when you’re being interviewed by the amazing Louise Schofield.” (MOSES). Tune in;

Backstage with MOSES at CroCroLand after they headlined the festival’s second stage.

p.s. thanks for the interview, Lullaby Lou, love ya Xx

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