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Hum Hum Production are increasingly a fixture of attention and screenings. Their short film, Vaarheim recently won the Best Belgian Documentary Award at Viewpoint Film Festival and having made music videos with Ten Tonnes and MOSES is another side of their art. Thank you to director, Carol Van Hemelrijck, for telling us more;

Hum Hum Production

TheZineUK : “How did you come to be Hum Hum Production from starting to choose this path?”

Carol : “I always wanted to be a director. A few years ago I met Jeanne Scahaise and together we created a director / producer duo : Hum Hum Production.
Initially, we were both producing but after a couple of years, my first love for directing came back to life. Now we found a perfect balance with me as a director and Jeanne as a producer.”

TheZineUK have been behind the scenes during the creative process (it’s part of our documentary story) – that’s Carol’s borrowed yellow jacket that lead singer, Victor is wearing in the video for ‘River Thames’ by MOSES. Carol, Jeane (and a unicorn!) make a cameo in the band’s upbeat Spring 2019 video; ‘You Worry Too Much’

The “something beautiful” that MOSES (who make visual art key to each release), mention in their interview with Louise Schofield TV, is their next video, made also by Hum Hum Production; the relationship has continued.

‘Findings’ single artwork. From a painting by Ana Ban Ana

The band don’t appear in ‘Findings‘, a lyrics video released mid -Summer.

Possibly it’s a challenge in the eye of the beholder?

C: “I was lucky enough to be given complete freedom by the band when it came to this video.

They trusted me to create something I believe in. Something bold and beautiful. Not in a provocative way but in a truthful, honest vision. Something people would react to.

Daphné Huynh was amazing to work with on this project. She understood what I wanted to do, better than anyone else. Maybe even a little better than myself? The video as it is now only shows happiness. No discomfort. But trust and a shared experience. And that’s all thanks to her and her ability to show that trust.”

Noticeably, Hum Hum Production creations have a consistent documentary feel to their editing and colouring that means the music videos also wouldn’t look out of place at a short film festival.

Z : “With your high production values, did you study film making to a degree, or also self taught?”

Hum Hum Productions recent Award winning documentary.

C : “I studied film making in Belgium where I graduated with a bachelor degree. After that, I decided to leave Belgium to learn other ways of making films. I went to Vancouver, LA, Mexico and finally settled in London. Studying filmmaking was a good way to start but working in the industry has taught me how it really works.”

Z : “Where art meets technology in modern times, do you feel that women are able to share and exhibit their self expression easier?”

C : “From the beginning, right after film school, Jeanne and I started to develop the company so we wouldn’t depend on other people and could do whichever project we wanted, the way we wanted. And technology makes it easier for everyone as it gives a direct access to the audience!”

Z : “What’s coming next?”

C : “In the near future, I’ll be releasing a short film called ‘The Little Demon’ that I hope will go into festivals.

And also two other music videos.

“With Hum Hum Production, we are developing exciting projects including : short films, documentaries and TV series. And of course, I hope I’ll keep on directing videos for MOSES.”

Z : “Finally, Where can potential clients see your work on line?”

C : “On or by following on Instagram @carolvanhem / @humhumproduction

Thank you very much!

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