Rock Festival (r)Evolution

Music lovers help to shape new futures. DIY Promoters (and a Newer Wave community vibed audience, high in creators) uniting for extending family tales.

CroCroLand Festival uniqulture
A Tiger Mimic / MOSES / Bang Bang Romeo / Bugeye supergroup at CroCroLand Festival, a historic, beautiful day for music/arts.

In TheZineUK’s first year, 2014, we were humbled to earn official fest stages at The Alternative Escape & Camden Crawl. We rep annually at various events, and appreciate being part of a growing charitably minded positivity. For instance, check out half a minute of an intimate Kick Out The Jams Mix-Up special over the Camden Rocks weekend.

#DIY Summer Of Love wavelengths, sussed photographers KNOW where to be… #KOTJmixup gatherings!

Starting small. Presenting tall. With friends from our story growing in profile, each year feels more “landmark”. In an age of moaning and active disinformation, music’s truth keeps shining through. Modern Age Music‘s #SOMAfest grew from 1 day/venue 2018 to 2 days, 2 cities and 3 venues in it’s second year. Louise Schofield TV grabbed some highlights. The Velvet Hands soundtrack the clips (and flavour 2019, highly!)

Ask Louise Schofield TV what’s HOT! Are you an event booker? Please be assured that there are some quality, heritage potential, classic composition and performances weaved into this tapestry/story. Get them on your best alternative rock festival slots, please. Call it #2020Vision

So good to see influential rockers, deux furieuses, being snapped up by “on it” festivals and events. Pic by Lisa Perry Photography from TheZineUK’s 5th anniversary kick off this Spring.

With diversity in TheZineUK’s (largely female) DNA, gate crashing the “indie/punk band” stereotype, we make our own mark staging expos (#No3Expo /#ArtBeatFest), and music socials. Newer wave punk is all shades, genders and sexualities.

a month after the brexshit vote in 2016, planning began for this awesome weekend. 2017 and 2018 were triumphs, the world needs DecoloniseFest. Showcasing POC super arts talent, socially including all good time lovers. BRILLIANT!

Ticket via

Since our (punk n poetry situationist theatre!) live debut at The Alley Cat (attended by Joyzine, a fest inspiration), venues (that one, included) are being culled by Blue Meanies but, simultaneously, Fertile Environment ideas flourish. Lots of our punky faves cross over these promoters, Nova Twins emitting organic and equitable lovin’ shock-waves (including No.3Expo, DecoloniseFest, CroCroLand and Loud Women) for instance.

A nationwide thing. These are just a few examples. One of many on the vibe, and now in it’s fourth year, Drift Records’ hip Sea Change Festival in Devon is a multi disciplinary, influential, gathering. 2019’s highlights must have included new planet-thrilling mad hatters, Black Midi

Spring 2019 was also the first YANAfest in Manchester. A day and night of rocking out for MIND mental health charity. It was thrilling, welcoming and FUN. YANA stands for You Are Not Alone. Sold out as feck, it returns next year.

Judy Jones of Manchester’s rapid up and comers, The C33s at #YANAfest. Gonna keep saying it, this band wouldn’t have been out of place on a 20th Century CBGBs stage.

Many Do It Yourself operations are interdependent and co-collaborative to great effect. In 2019, Kick Out The Jams‘ Mix-Up circus outgrew The Good Mixer within six months (I stood sideways near the door, waiting for oxygene masks to drop, last time!). The monthly music social launches at a new Camden home, Dublin Castle, from 20th June. Gearing up nicely, mid-May-merriment, The Brighton Mix Up (45 bands at The Black Lion) was a three day free entry rock love (rev)elation!

#FuturePicks : Dublin rockers, Sick Love, at #TheBrightonMixUp

Crowds (on/off stage) for this extended fam of promoters, are a spectrum of music fans. Additionally, SO many women are moving n shaking, flavouring the future that it’s changing again. We love all genders and generalisations (man/woman haters, any haters, can go and get stuffed”). Gigs are a tonic. The ideal situation for our escapisms would be safe spaces and equality, especially as despite us all being pretty skint in austerity, there is SO MUCH FUN being had. Low budget. High Quality. Broad minds.

Thank you Benumu and The Velvet Hands for the tip off about Couples. Another band with quite a few fangirls n fanboys among Zeenagers, they’ve just played the Benumu War Child tour

More genius promoters – like Clit Rock, Get In Her Ears and Loud Women – have refreshed rock music’s playing field with a fresh fab n feisty femme forcefield (even NME now have a Girls To The Front event). Loud Women also stage family friendly shows for all ages, and hit NYC earlier this year. Heading for Russia, next.

I don’t need to call us “female promoters”. We are half of the planet’s one-race (human) population.

LOUD WOMEN Fest No.4 is on 14th September in London.

As ever, showcasing the best alternative music powered women / non-binary artists, giving them access to a far-reaching, global platform.

1 Day, 2 Stages, 20+ bands!

Multi talented promoters/presenters, scouts and documentarians not only stage/host effervescent entertainment, but there are, increasingly, beloved familiar faces magnetising towards each other as our widely varying tastes cross over, sociably. Previously mentioned, sold out dream day, CroCroLand Festival in Croydon was instantly historic.

Of course the biggest festival-stages achiever for alternative rock has got to be the love-in where many of us found new thrills and mates: This Feeling.

It’s the UK’s best nationwide club, music site, TV show, scout, promoter and connector for future stars. TF lands (again) at the massive Isle of Wight Festival in tandem with Pirate Studios + scotts. What an alumni! Bang Bang Romeo, Blossoms, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Tom Grennan, The Struts, The Amazons, Slow Readers Club, Trampolene, Gerry Cinnamon and so many more got early days support from This Feeling. Zonetastic.

It’s ALL Happening…

Key, also, to getting working class talent past gate-keepers a few years ago, This Feeling has changed the future landscape for the guitar band cultures. It used to seem impossible to get in those fields unless you were posh or connected/hyped, so appreciate how much this means – No matter what “class” we are, in the hostile environment, we can all be Playing Class Friends at home in the fertile environment.

Sometimes music fans find This Feeling stage at insightful festivals around the land, and make it their meeting place/new finds party for the whole weekend. It’s no surprise that TF also has stages at both Tramlines in Yorkshire and Truck in Oxfordshire this July. Or that Kick Out The Jams Mix-Ups stage a Deptford Mix Up on 27th July, too.

The above are all music world influencers, 4REAL and worth investigating, if you’re not already involved. If you are, hope you are enjoying this revolution. With a massive thank you of appreciation from us all, to the promoters and artists for tickets, time, access and adventures.

p.s. check out TheZineUK’s exclusive interview with “Mr Isle Of Wight Festival”, himself, John Giddings!

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