The Velvet Hands – “Don’t Be Nice To Me” single review

What do you get, when you put The Velvet Hands, live music and music lovers together? A guaranteed party every time, where dancing is the currency, and everyone leaves their gigs feeling uplifted and jazzed for the week.

Which is why I’m happy to announce, our avid dose of Cornish fever continues to shine brightly. Toby, Dan, Louis and Sam are gracing our hearts and souls with their new single “Don’t Be Nice To Me”. A little taster from their second studio album and if this single is anything to go by, these lads are well on their way. Their consistent brilliance, has produced a song full of sass, fun and assertion. In a short space of time, they have evolved dramatically, and you can hear that in this single.

The signature Velvet Hands sound is still there (knockout riffs with an infectious rhythm), but it now has an added “Ooomph – we’re here and we’re not going anywhere”. No wonder it earned This Feeling’s Track Of The Week on Radio X!

In conclusion, if you’re interested in trying to experience things that are “real” rather than “manufactured”, no point being nice as it’s disingenuous. Be real. The world needs more of that right now.

This band are seeing their hard work pay off, and quite right too. Artists invest energy for their art to be appreciated, loved, enjoyed and shared. So, be sure to share this band with your friends, bring yourself to one of their future gigs for a dance and giggle.

The band have been doing some amazing interviews, particularly the one they did with the delectable #Zeenage MEGAtalent Louise Schofield. They’ve bagged a tidy headline slot at Isle of Wight Festival (This Feeling tent), have more festivals lined up not to mention, they are supporting Paul Weller and THEN supporting Liam Gallagher with Fontaines DC (FYI….another definitive favourite here at The Zine UK). 

Usually I’d say there is no point in feeling that you’re missing out… But when it comes to The Velvet Hands, you will absolutely miss out on what they have to offer. Therefore, no better time than to tune in and dance!

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