Long may The Bluetones reign

York Fibbers, June 2019 – by Northern Jon

Hurrah and Thrice Nonny Nonny!

It’s Cats and Dogs outside but TGIF! The Real Boys in Blue are Back In Town….and they bring with them, lashings of hearty cheer,

Quality tunes and a sackful of merry banter…to liven up a rainy night in a packed “Ye Olde Yorke Fibbers.

Longevity in music is where the truth will out and since humble beginnings in 1993 these boys have never failed to deliver.

Their set tonight was testament to their musical talents as well as Mark’s quick wit and repartee which wouldn’t go amiss on any stage at Edinburgh Festival.

As true entertainers they span the decades, as does their adoring crowd tonight, which ranges from “The Grey Haired Parker Wearing Indie Old Guard” to the “Spray on Jean Skinny legged  Love Island YOUT”.

Long may The Bluetones reign, and always return.

Northern Jon

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