Blackthorn’s Buzz Band bonanza.

The family friendly Blackthorn Music Festival returns Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July, 2019.

Quality line ups, warm vibes and enthusiastic feedback, being key. The North West’s spangly music scene is laser beam bright right now. Click here for BLACKTHORN FESTIVAL 2019 tickets.

Scroll down for day split stage times, and just a few of a very healthy amount of new music recommendations playing this year.

Blackthorn Music Festival is not just about credible, household name headliners.

What works for TheZineUK story of guitary goodness is booking the hot underground and new music as it’s warming up. Previous smart bookings included Twisted Wheel, Dirty Laces, No Hot Ashes, Guxti Bibang, The Blinders, Dantevilles, Novatones and The Goa Express who have all gone on to raised profiles. The K’s are among happening faves invited back this year, and what a 2019 they’re already having!

A handful more recommendations for rock and rollers, from a myriad of possibilities.

Saytr Play, for instance. There’s something sparking off this stardusted newer wave drama. Hearing something special (hard hitting but fragile) that you also can’t look away from, especially live on stage.

The Franklys are a raw and engaging garage rock force with relentless international touring experience. They’ve a reputation for heavy riffs and tearing it up on stage. Let the good times roll, this is their only show in the North Of England this year. So witness it!

Blackthorn is also known for good food and drink, festival stalls, beautiful setting, audience praised facilities (and the magic camping under the stars – or glamping, even!). A quality staycation for locals and visitors, alike.

The Lathums are Wigan lads who have just released their second single, ‘The Great Escape’. Luscious jangle pop guitar layered through whimsical vocals and harmonies that fuse The Smiths and The Bluetones into a new, Britpop-tinted, hope for the future.

The Clause are part of what’s crackling (big time) in the Midlands Madlands right now. Released a week before the festival, ‘In My Element’ is a bona fide i-Tunes rock chart No.1 hit. and Top 50 general hit, with no big fancy industry support. To be fair it does come on like an instant modernistic pop classic.

ARGH KiD is sensational. That’s it. Actual world class entertainment. Caught Dave Scott solo at Rec Roc Festival 2017. Can’t stay away, now. This wise-worded beats treat is another coup for Blackthorn. ‘Neighbours’ is an alternative national anthem, and check this video, ‘Frank’, we all know one. Right?

M O S E S are a London band making their first trip to Stockport. A word of mouth best kept secret who are stealthily gaining fans, views and streams for their anthemic songs and star turn engagement. Sing and jump-along festival JOY.

Do investigate the whole line up if you’re going, you may find a new favourite. For instance, we caught White Eskimo a couple of years ago. So impressive that they were on TheZineUK’s must-see list again at Manchester YANAfest this Spring. With an internation sound and a confident rock show, they hit Blackthorn just before new single, ‘Save Me’ is released. Get ready Stockport, it’s GAME TIME!

First recommended to TheZineuK team by the influential Trust A Fox Photography, Blackthorn stays on our radar as a Music Tourism tip. Previous big name attractions include The Sugarhill Gang, Reverend & The Makers, Happy Mondays,The Bluetones, Peter Hook, Dodgy, Lightning Seeds, Witch Fever and Pete Doherty.
2019 is looking to be another feather in the festival’s cap, building on that reputation.

Like Republica (main stage Saturday) might say, Blackthorn Festival 2019 is ‘Ready To Go’

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