JEKYLL; Monumental Blackpool Rock

“I think the disconnected, unhealthy nature of our social-media/technology-dominated society, and our very messy political climate, has really necessitated the sanctuary and catharsis music can provide.”

(Joel Foster, JEKYLL)

Since 2013, JEKYLL‘s unrelenting drive to create and perform dramatic music, has has laid the foundations for a dynamic monster of a British alternative rock band to build upon.

Image by Hannah Walley

Blackpool, illuminated by artful wonders – including John Robb (our Minister Of Counter Culture), Strange Bones and Jekyll – is maintaining the North West of England’s central role in alternative music scenes.

The latter’s cinematic sinister silk is woven from a galaxy of past, present and futuristic inspirations to incense with immense intensity.

Over the past five years Jekyll have steadily built a firm reputation from their roaring, soaring audible ambition which is attracting anthemic comparisons (including Depeche Mode and Radiohead). Soundtracking the end of days, theatrically, ‘Plan A’ is definitely in effect.

A Muse boosh who are DIY propelled, the band’s thrust of energy has taken them (especially recently) to an array of wide spread radio support, key music festivals, Spotify playlists, noteable live events and more, supported by two of the new music industry’s influencers; End Of The Trail Creative and indie icon label/promoter, Fierce Panda. With momentum building via each performance and release, 2019 is bringing the thrilling but humble JEKYLL to attention. Now.

Have you ever wished you’d caught a certain band at a more intimate gig? This year is a recommended time for tasting a big stick of Blackpool Rock. For instance, there’s something so right about ‘So Wrong’.

JEKYLL have just dropped a brand new, arena sized rock single – ‘Marionette’ – which Steve Lamacq has already played twice on his national radio show, amongst a swathe of excitement growing around the band.

Now signed to a major booking agency (ITB), and fresh from selling out their Manchester gig, JEKYLL return to the capital for a headline show at an essential event: The Deptford Mix Up Volume 1 (best bands and buzzy boozer all dayer) at Amersham Arms for the effervescent Kick Out The Jams collective.

Newer wave music industry/media and creative crowd mover shaker party makers, assemble! Fresh futures are made at these ‘Fertile Environment’ gatherings…

#KOTJmixup vibes? A travelling Circus of Rocking Friends! This was The Camden Mix Up, July 2019 (Monefa, John, Joe and Simon)

TheZineUK grabbed a quick interview with lead singer, Joel Foster, before their South London headline.

Joel : “We really love playing London and, being from Blackpool, we feel very privileged that we get so many opportunities to play gigs in the Capital.

Every venue we play in London seems to be steeped in musical history, the crowds are always excellent, and we could never turn down an excuse to grab an M6 Burger King.

This will be our first gig in the New Cross/Deptford area and we can’t wait to play our music to some new faces!”

… and we at TheZineUK can’t wait for this show, either. If the first half of this year is anything to go by, The Deptford Mix Up will feel like a MOMENT.

TheZineuK : “How has it been for JEKYLL, so far (and what’s next)?”

£8 advance tickets via this link, or £10 on the door

Joel : “2019 has been extremely kind to us, so far. We released our two biggest singles yet, ‘Echoes’ and ‘Marionette’, to an overwhelming audience response and massive radio support.

We were also invited by Huw Stephens and the BBC Introducing team to record a live session in London’s Maida Vale Studios, which was something we never thought we’d even come close to! It was an experience we will never forget.

In addition to this, we are currently half way through a touring Summer that is taking us all around the country, allowing us to really connect with brand new people and places. Once we have seen through the Festival season, we will be heading back into the studio to prepare for our next release, so keep your eyes fully peeled for that.”

TheZineUK : “We definitely will. A great time to be on tour, festival stages and underground music scenes alike, feel like they’re on the up, nationwide. Does that resonate with Jekyll?

Joel : “Definitely! More than ever, we are sharing every line up we play with bands of true quality. Even just in our local area there is such a healthy presence of grass-roots music and counter-culture to immerse yourself in.

I think the disconnected, unhealthy nature of our social-media/technology-dominated society, and our very messy political climate, has really  necessitated the sanctuary and catharsis music can provide.

You just have to look at how strongly people feel about venues closing, and how ardently they try to save them, to see how much underground music matters to people.

It’s definitely an exciting time for underground music, especially, after years of fragility, for alternative and rock, and we love being a part of that.”

Us too. Thank you for the interview JEKYLL. See you again, soon!

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