This Is Sh!ts!ck

This Is Sh!ts!ck at Camden People’s Theatre

“You’ve done too much, you’re much too young…” sings Quartina Blue, the opening verse of the Specials’ classic single, “…You’re married with a kid, when you could be having fun with me” – she stops. “Hang on, just because I’ve got a kid doesn’t mean I can’t have fun!”

Her two band mates agree and launch into their own soon to be classic ska anthem ‘Punk Mums’. Dressed in tartan and PVC, all three sporting fake baby bumps, they dance around the stage and the audience cheer, welcome to ‘This is Sh!ts!ck’ .

The band are here at the Camden People’s Theatre for a unique performance as part of the ‘Calm Down, Dear’ feminist festival. Combining their songs with a personal and political narrative, together with special guest and Sh!ts!ck matriarch Vic, also known as ‘Big Redd’,  providing an entertaining and colourful narration between songs and costume changes.

After the sell-out crowd have squeezed themselves into the theatre, the evening starts with our heroes Quartina, Jaime Renae (aka Menace) and the brilliantly named Tilly Squeaks bemoaning the fact they have been turned down for an Art’s Council grant. But that won’t stop them making music and introducing their Loveolution manifesto to the people! With a three-piece backing band (Rob da Mob on guitar, drummer Leo Haha and an extremely cool bass player named Itself) the ladies bring their ‘revolutionary punk’ songs to life.

Describing themselves on social media as ‘Capturing the city scape of a corrupt government and a dismantling welfare state’, and with songs called ‘Working for a Dying Wage’ and ‘Fascist Country’,  their lyrics are in-your-face honest and angry, but performed with an infectious enthusiasm which has most of the front row joining the band on stage by the end of the show.

Long live the Sh!ts!ck Loveolution !

The band were just about to storm Glastonbury’s Truth Stage, Shangri-La and Sistxrhood Stage. The rest is #herstory :

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