Sick Love

“a high-energy, balls to the wall show that will have you screaming and bopping along”

In days like these we need heroically sized distractions. Sick Love go way beyond that. They are a serious proposition with a live set that sounds like a greatest hits, ready-made for huge crowds. Intimately, they’re a brilliant riot. No apologetic jingle jangle here – they’re part of the rising tide of absolutely addictive punky rock sparklers forging a new music movement.

Sick Love have every right to sound and look this ambitious. Fronted by the already iconic Rebecca Geary, they may be your favourite new band.

Various members of TheZineUK have been instantly immersed in the Dublin foursome’s thrill and found themselves coming back for more!

Either get this band on a Music TV show, or give us one please, and we’ll do it. Cheers.

Demand grows. The band’s 2019 dates so far, (via sold out shows and over-full tents) has just added a winter tour. We get up close at The Deptford Mix Up.

TheZineUK wondered; “Have you played in New Cross before?”

Rebecca : “Never, but we’re so excited for it! We’ve played a few shows around London and it’s always such a buzz so we can’t wait.

You can expect a high-energy, balls to the wall show that will have you screaming and bopping along when you come to see us play.

Definitely set to be special, in an unforgettable year for music and much more. Far from the establishment’s hostile environment, the fertile environment of Britain and Ireland’s interdependent DIY scenes are beautiful, positive and hopeful.

TheZineUK : How has 2019 been for you so far and what’s next?

Spring 2019 single; ‘Soccer Mom’

Rebecca : “2019 has been our best year ever as a band and we’re just getting started! We’ve released two singles, played all over the UK and Ireland, been played on some class radio stations and have been added to lots of amazing Spotify playlists including ‘New Music Friday UK’.

We’ll be releasing more music very soon, playing many more shows and we’re even working on our debut album. Stay tuned!

Got a feeling that more than one of us will be at these gigs, definitely listening out for an LP if the live set is anything to go by. Sick Love are at the core of a growing, punky uprising…

Rebecca : “There’s a definite sense of rock & roll making a big comeback in the UK and Ireland right now. When we started playing together there were hardly any other bands like us in the scene.

Now it feels like people have fallen in love again with dirty guitar riffs and a punk/rock, no fucks given energy. It’s amazing to be a part of that movement.”

Too right. Sick Love are definitely Ones to watch.

Like a hawk.

Click here to get tickets for

The Deptford Mix Up Saturday 27th July (3pm-3am)

Click here for the laest single; ‘Decoy’

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