The Great Escape’s Canadian Blast

The Green Door Store, Brighton, became Canada House for the weekend of The Great Escape festival.

Presenter; Katie O of KG Interviews

From the 9th to the 11th of May, some of the finest players of Canada’s thriving independent music scene were showcased at Europe’s annual and biggest live music and conference weekend. T. Thomason talks comparisons between the UK and Canadian scenes…

T. Thomason x KG Interviews #TGE19

A hand-selected crop of Canada’s brightest emerging artists played live to excited new music fans and industry folk on the hunt for fresh talent. Motherhood, for instance, look like so much fun!

Motherhood x KG Interviews #TGE19

Over the years, The Great Escape (sometimes referred to as Britain’s SXSW) has proven a global launch point for emerging Canadian artists. The UK is critical to market development worldwide with respect to press and media, as the the British media still holds some sway and influence worldwide. Dboy, this month, is tipped by the head of Alcopop Records at new music influencer site, Generator.

Dboy x KG Interviews #TGE19

A fast rising star in her own right, DJ and presenter Katie O, interviews the Canada House artists over the weekend in a fun and informal way that let us see a bit more of the people behind the live show. Rich Aucoin went on bring out a new album ‘Release’ and play sold out shows.

Rich Aucoin x KG Interviews #TGE19

Thank you KG Interviews – Wales and Canada were united by music in Brighton. Since this interview, Bad Child has been front page news and played at Glastonbury Festival (watch and hear the conversation about this!)

Bad Child x KG Interviews #TGE19

Thanks Ben Allen PR for TheZineUK repping at The Great Escape Festival. Here’s wishing all the interviewees the best for the future.

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