The Deptford Mix Up 27 July, London

The Deptford Mix Up, Volume 1; 3pm-3am on Saturday 27th July 2019 at Amersham Arms London. The latest in a series of partying with lava-hot alternative rock bands (that you’ll wish you’d seen this close, if you weren’t there).

Stop Press! Now with Newer Wave rock instigators, Apeman Spaceman playing a very special midnight set! Already faves of TheZineUK, so we’re well chuffed. Nice one Kick Out The Jams/Andy Palmer!


Event Preview by TheZineUK’s classical musician witch and rock promoting writer, Monefa Walker;

If someone asked me to find an example,of the underground scene accelerating and evolving faster than the overground scene, I’d highly suggest you come to The Deptford Mix Up on July 27th.

In this Sun Cooked Moon Week LUNARcy, ‘Spacecatraz by Apeman Spaceman seems fittingly out of this world

The Deptford Mix Up vibes? Let’s start with the promoters.

Kick Out The Jams have got some legendary gigs under their belts already from the secret Camden gig with Fontaines DC, to recently last May, bringing a cracking festival to Brighton with Saint Agnes as one of the many superstars on that bill.

The Zine UK have been at the centre of this story from the beginning. I would even go as bold as to say, one of the plant seeders of this woven web,that only seems to get stronger and bigger, branching out to various networks.

Rotor Videos, is allowing artists to have more creative control, so it’s amazing that they are sponsoring and championing new artists coming through who work hard and also love what they do.

The bands? Oh,where to begin!

You’ve got Tiger Mimic always got something hidden up their sleeve, always attracting new fans.

TheZineUK : Have you played in #NXD (New Cross/Deptford) before?

Tiger Mimic : “We haven’t and we’re super excited for this show! The lineup is made up of bands we love so it’s really rad to see our name in there too.”

Band image by Alan Wells

Hawxx who I saw at Camden Rocks festival, put the “me” in metal. Check out their song ‘The Lie’ if you want an example of how to channel your anger to be progressive, as opposed to violent.

HAWXX love rock and roll!

London punks Sisteray have created their own rebellious army, and I’m pretty sure some point in the future at protests, we’ll hear a couple of their songs being belted out in the crowd.

Another absolute on point anthem from Sisteray, easily one of the Newer Wave’s most consistently relevant forces for good.

Sick Love is a prime prime example of the amazing emerging artists from Ireland (they’re in good company with the likes of The Murder Capital and Fontaines) and every time they come to London they leave the crowd wanting more. Their growth is inevitable, frankly.

Full on feisty fun. TheZineUK are huge fans of SICK LOVE

As for Jekyll, nothing duplicitous about them. You won’t see Mr Hyde in their performances and character, but you can certainly hear the deep metaphors and the cathartic process that goes through their songs. ‘Marionette’ is a classic example.

Radio 1 faves, JEKYLL, having a massive 2019. Look out for our forthcoming interview. Image; Hannah Walley / Lewis Amistead

This is a tiny tiny tiny glimpse of the magic that is happening (despite little funding and small attention from the main media), increasing the beautiful and needed movement of interdependence. I think the overground music scene, could take a look at what we’re doing and learn a lot!

Stay tuned. TheZineUK has interviews with some of these up and comers who are going to be hitting London’s Lower East Side.

You in #TheDeptfordMixUp ? Invite your most beloved gig buddies. 18+ Tickets’

Presented Kick Out The Jams / Live Circuit / End Of The Trail / Rocklands ArtBeat | sponsored by Rotor Videos. Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY. Opp. New Cross Station. Loads of 24 Hr transport. Pre gig network at the FB event.

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