The Gulps

The Gulps are an up up up and coming new London band, an international love-in of poetic rockers, a classic, guitar blessed, sound and so much more.

Image by Jonathan Hallam

Fresh from playing Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival (and being featured in various Spanish media) and headlining for scene queen Sahera Walker, The Gulps, already have more landmark events on the horizon. A taster of why, is their Spring 2019 debut EP; ‘In The Kings House’. It was produced by song based producer, Youth (the Killing Joke legend who has also worked with Jesus And Mary Chain, Guns’n’Roses) on his Youth Sounds label. It’s fair to say that eye and ears are on The Gulps.

Get ready to sing along.

With this end of town being a call stop for so much happening music, TheZineUK have to ask; “Have The Gulps played before in South London?”

The Gulps : “Yes we’ve done it. We played at New Cross Inn and at The Bird Nest. We really enjoyed both shows. We’re based in north London so it’s always great to go down south and connect with new people. I feel there’s a different scene in the south which seems quite interesting and The Gulps would love to explore it more and more.

They’re not wrong, with the globally reknown creative Goldsmiths in it’s midst, #NXD (New Cross Deptford) has been home to moments and characters forever. 2019 is an unforgettable year for some of the worst reasons, but also the best. The interdependent alternative music scenes, for instance.

How are things going for The Gulps?

“This year has been pretty awesome and productive for us. We feel blessed for all these things happening. We released our debut EP ‘In The Kings House’ in April, which was produced by Youth (Killing Joke) and released by his new label ‘Youth Sounds’.

We won a competition for UK bands to play Mad Cool festival in Madrid, it was a massive experience for us.

We’re also really excited ’cause this week we’re playing TRUCK and The Deptford Mix-Up Vol 1.

We like to keep the flow going and try not to fall into the trap of creating false expectations . Our experience has showed us that everything comes together through hard work, so lets keep working hard and let it be, it will come.”

The hard work has been paying off since they hit the ground running with introductory art punked video ‘Someone Like You’

Over the last few years, especially, there seems to be something special under radar. TheZineUK feel it, but wondered if the artists did, also?

“Obviously there’s a whisper on the streets. We believe in rock n roll and we try to humbly contribute with our little grain of sand to help to build up a better scene. We’ve been playing together for two years and we come from different countries so we don’t really know how it was the underground music scene five years ago. But it’s awesome to see people going to venues to see and support new bands.

Small/medium venues are the real battlefield to show your skills as musicians, and as a band, I guess people appreciate that. There’re also lots of underground blogs, radios, promoters… that are doing a great job for the scene. Although some things could be better, we feel the underground music scene is quite alive.”|

The Gulps are one of the select and recommended bands playing Volume 1 of The Deptford Mix Up (Saturday 27 July London Rock/Indie all dayer. £8 (total – click here) advance/£10 on the door. A mini fest of top tips for a creative, connecting crowd. New futures will be made opposite New Cross Station!

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