Tiger Mimic, Alt-Pop that roars

Tiger Mimic are one of the bands helping to shape 2019. A historic year on so many levels, simultaneously futuristic in it’s under radar creative and performance movements. We dig their quirky, glam and dark faceted rocking party sounds…

Tiger Mimic are part of the essential line up of tipped bands appearing at Volume 1 of The Deptford Mix Up (Saturday 27th July Rock and Indie all dayer from 3pm in London. Tickets – £8 (total – click here) in advance or only £10 on the door – for a mini festival of top tips.

Zeenagers have caught Tiger Mimic appearing at various key events including, recently, The Brighton Mix Up weekend and CroCroLand Festival. They’ve always been cheered loudly and heartily by the crowd. Next, they’re hitting the famed Amersham Arms stage.

TheZineUK: “Have you played in New Cross/Deptford before – and, if not, how would you describe your live set?”

Tiger Mimic : “We haven’t and we’re super excited for this show! The lineup is made up of bands we love so it’s really rad to see our name in there too.

Our live shows are super eclectic; we use lots of dynamics, energy, guitar effects, synth, and different styles in our music so really anything is fair game for us, so long as we think it still sounds like Tiger Mimic in the end.

We’ve heard a lot of different takeaways from our music over the past year, people have called us sinister, booty-shaking, sultry, fun, spooky, and all kinds of other things, and we’re pretty happy with any/all of those descriptors!”

Z : In fact, how has 2019 been for you so far and what’s next?

TM : “…Ahhh 2019 has been the best year so far!

Seriously, almost everyday we think about how glad we are that we moved to London. We feel like we’re actually part of a music scene/community, and bands supporting each other goes such a long way. It’s awesome to be able to go out several times per week and see all kinds of amazing bands playing all over town.

For us, being part of Cro Cro Land was a huge highlight of the year so far, it was our first festival and just an incredible event.

CroCroLand Family (Lori Janey of Weekend Recovery, Georgia of Nova Twins, Jess and Bram of Tiger Mimic, Amy of Nova Twins) pic courtesy of CroCroLand website.

To be on the same stage as Blood Red Shoes, Nova Twins, Bang Bang Romeo, and everyone else who played that day was such a huge honour for us.

We’ve also got some very exciting things happening soon, but we can’t talk about it too much yet unfortunately. We’re dying to make some announcements, but for now we’ll just have to leave it vague and suspenseful.

All the above is very true, and still growing.

Tiger Mimic are faces that we’ve bumped into at so many gigs where they are out, supporting musical peers. Lead singer, Jess, also introduced rock’n’rollers, MOSES (who are also weaved into this tapestry) at The Camden Mix Up, earlier this month. TheZineUK story develops through these artists and their ongoing achievements. We had to ask, though…

Z : “Our underground rock n roll scenes feel like they’re on the up, to us. Do you feel any kind of buzz?”

TM : “Definitely, the level of talent on the scene right now is incredible. At any given moment there are probably a dozen shows that we’re planning to catch, and more being announced all the time.

We’ve never lived anywhere with that kind of excitement and energy, so as music fans we’re completely blown away, and as a band we feel extremely lucky to have stumbled into this community.

#NewerWave’s love (r)Evolution is a #FertileEnvironment Left to right; UK Music world mover shakers – Robyn, John, Monefa, Tikz, Joe and Simon – Kick Out The Jams at another #KOTJmixup event

Nothing feels better than walking into a club to see an amazing band and finding ourselves in a room full of music family: bands supporting bands, photographers working their asses off, blogs and zines spreading the love, promoters putting together incredible shows, and everyone else who goes into making this scene what it is. It really feels like a special time in underground music and, hopefully, one that will last for a long time!

All at TheZineUK hope so too, genuine affordable escapism when music lovers couldn’t need it more. Hope that you can come.

Final word from Jess (synth and lead vocals) and Bram (guitar and vocals) of Tiger Mimic: “We’re so excited for July 27th, it’s gonna be an amazing all dayer!!!”




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