This IS the Year Of Rage

deux furieuses are back in our collective face, where they belong.

It’s a pleasure.

Image by Dan Donovan

Looking to escape the patriarchy’s perv-poisoned prison? Me Too. Their new single, ‘Year Of Rage’ is a fiercely raw call to arms, for the humans of any gender, who need an “enough is enough” soundtrack. “The year of rage” sang sweetly, but insistent.

This single is an anger banger which music guru, John Kennedy of Radio X, rightfully calls; “Magnificent”.

deux furieuses are newly signed to Xtra Mile Recordings. ‘Year Of Rage’ is their first release for the label and an appetising taster of the band’s new album, ‘My War Is Your War’ (produced by Rob Ellis, mixed by Mark Freegard). The LP / CD / Download is released 18th October. Pre order:

deux furieuses emit lightning strikes of passion and a driven determination that firmly upholds their musical prowess. Biased? Absolutely. Ros and Vas are one of the cover stars of TheZineUK’s story books.

like a red flag, to a world of bull…

This story is situationism. The photographer, Dan Donovan, directed the video for ‘Year Of Rage’ which was made in the last week of June. In the morning at Queens Hall on the South Bank, then in the afternoon with Jimmy Cauty, Alannah Currie and a political party’s worth of women friends, familiar faces from the newer wave communities. Wall to wall talented and poetic souls.


I’m excited to join them.

We waved beautiful red flags, a few miles from where the socialist anthem ‘The Red Flag’ was written! Yay 4 Rocklands republic (S. E. London) and Sisters Resist (Art movement of mythical militant feminists and glorious time wasters).

Newly uploaded, Year Of Rage’

Click Here; ‘Making The Video’ by deux furieuses

In the blossoming age of Music Women shaping the newer wave of entertainment industry, media and creativity we Zeenagers were knocked out that deux furieuses headlined TheZineUK’s fifth anniversary kick-off in Spring.

image by Lisa Perry Photography

Punk as a way of life is the civil society of the 21st century, and so necessary.

Who knew that the apocalypse would be so fucking stupid? On a planet threatened with extinction, sexist racist billionaire’s puppets add insult to the injury of austerity. Their weapons of mass distraction (like Hate Island being obsessed by Love Island) are enough to drive people almost as crazy as they obviously are. Always good to be around civility.

Beth and Solange

This was a day of enjoyed empowerment.

Arts of every self expression are necessary for our mental well being. Especially those that revolt against the entitlement standing in our way.

Summer 2019: The empire’s Unelected Fascist Game Show is ON.


Fuck the fucking Fuckers.

Sometimes, it feels fantastic to switch off stupid reality and rock out to a superb primal howl – like deux furieuses – in a #YearOfRage

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