Feel the Joy with MOSES!

Today #ZeenageFaves MOSES released JOY and what a way to start a weekend. Just when you thought you’d got Findings out your head…. here’s another earworm from the London based indie band. Teaming up with the unstoppable grandwizard of The Magic Garden, Gavin Monaghan (The Blinders, No Hot Ashes, The Twang…) they’ve produced a song that will no doubt have you tapping your feet on the bus home from work tonight.

All together now:

“Where is my life?
I want the dance, the joy and be happy all the time!”

The thing with MOSES, is their music is a Xanax® in a chord sequence. As a Music Ed. that moonlights as a psychologist, it would probably be unethical for me to prescribe Victor and Co. as a cure, but all I’m saying, is listening to Joy and indeed the rest of their catalogue, it may just be the depot injection we need in BREXITland….

Listen above!

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