Renegade Psalms – Poetic Punk Power

When Patrick Jones, rightfully described as “the 21st century Dylan Thomas”, and John Robb, Britain’s Minister Of Counter Culture, unite their multi tasking talents and presence, you know it’s going to be powerful.

Released on the Magic Mooned Friday The 13th of September 2019, ‘Renegade Psalms’ (Louder Than War Records), was created over a year and a half during the hopefully peak stupid and cruel reality of this decade.

Patrick Jones is a multi literate wordsmith, poet, playwright, orator. His hypnotic Welsh lilt empowers his compassionate and very human lyrics full of community and love with a lone political voice. He has recorded this album, ‘Renegade Psalms’, with John Robb of The Membranes scoring powerful classical strings to match the dramatic landscapes of the words.

The personal is the political. The political has become personal. Raging words and brooding beats. A sonic document of our times.

Jones takes aim at borders , the bedroom tax, the monarchy, the SelfServatives dismantling of The Welfare State, greed and austerity whilst celebrating the resilience of the human spirit, love, the power of literature and the growing tide of protest. Robb’s atmospheric soundscapes fill the grooves with a sense of emotional dirge-free urgency. Hear a pulsing soundtrack for our landmine sewn meadows age, ‘No Borders No Sky’ ;

Pressed on red vinyl. Available from

No Borders From The Sky
To Be Or Not
The Pheasant Shoot
Keys To Your Kingdom
Trawsblaniad Enaid / Ruh Zara’a (Soul Transplant)
Home. Street. Community. Country. World
For Sale
Bring It Back Home
Demonise Or Die
The Aspirations Of Poverty

John Robb, Cerys Matthews and Patrick Jones at the album launch. Pic via: @heretic101

Patrick Jones, John Robb, and even the words, ‘Louder Than War’, are woven into our documentary which started with punk and poetry, five years ago, after Dizzy and I met at Patrick’s show.

More friends, deux furieuses’ red flagged this ‘Year Of Rage’ 2019. It’s another amazing era of sparked creativity despite our Orwellian remix of Dickensian poverty. It feels like the inspiring rebels are rising in this Apocalyptic Panto Villain saturated climate emergency.

Of course the tunes, words, art are more urgent. Our lives pulse Nature’s instinct. World misleading Poundland Satans’ can do one because this is what the human spirit is made of; hearts that beat as drums, sunsets that whisper as poems. In the end, most of us see through the enforced division, we are renegades from believing lies sold as “news”.

Psalms are sacred things and the newer wave words, tunes and beats mean so much to the present and future. Caring is (always) the new rock’n’roll. If not a renegade now, then when?

Patrick Jones

John Robb

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