Music People 2019

The Music People Party returns. A gathering of the mover shaker artists, allies, freelancers and freewheelers. This end of year bash celebrates with exciting, enticing ENTERTAINERS.

On 17th December, Couples, The Rezner, The Dabhands sparkle at Camden Monarch. New bands that have had their biggest year to date, laying down strong Ones To Watch foundations for 2020 Vision. Monefa Walker of TheZineUK’s Events (Rocklands ArtBeat) has pulled a Moment out of the bag (yet again!)

If the 21st Century did Old Grey Whistle Test… WHAT a band! Couple have blown crowd after crowd right away.

The Music People Party is on and off stage, wall to wall, ones to watch. Since 2014 TheZineUK has developed Expo vibes, co-promotions, festival stages and a genuine, documented music movement story that you could not make up, from real life under radar rock n roll kick austerity’s arse with star shaped charisma deserving of bigger stages. Gonna kick off our Sixth (Sense) Year like an awards-less awards, DIY style.

A minute of The Rezner who graced our fifth birthday party in Spring. The kids are mad for ’em and just wanna Rock n Roll.

In Zeenagers/Music People Party tradition, we’re mixing talent locations (Cornwall – The Rezner, Guildford – The Dabhands, London – Couples) united, because division is so maths.

Stay tuned to hear more on the bands, stars of this documentary’s next chapters, over the coming weeks.

The Music People Party is free entry, free love and feel free to step through the doorway from the arguments of the day in what passes for real life, to laughing, dancing and Peacemas in 4REAL life! Check out Lisa Perry‘s ace live photography spread from last year’s event.

Pre Gig Nattering and Updates at the FB Event

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