MDE:ONE and rising

The world is waking up/breaking up NOW. MDE:ONE, the inaugural Music Declares Emergency gathering, graced this year’s Harvest time with hopes to Spring.

Now That’s What I Call Time To Act!

Summer 2019: Music Declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency, launched (with Savages, Nadine Shah, Radiohead, Foals and Idles in their ranks).

MDE called on governments to reverse bio-diversity loss, reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and Tell The Truth. They said “We acknowledge the impact of music industry practices and commit to taking urgent action.” – and started right away.

MDE:ONE launches Music Declares Emergency activist socialising.
Come Together for MDE:ONE. WHAT a beautiful community space.

Autumn 2019; Grassroots situationists, TheZineUK, rep at MDE:ONE (made notes on a flyer, grabbed a few amateur clips but mainly to involved in how fab it was to do more than highly recommend diving into this movement). Spotted various photographers and film camera folks, so see for professional reportage, soon.

“Support The Artists.” Important to protect those on side.

#2020Vision : Apathy is a choice that should not be an option. Since the end of the 20th century, our climate’s emerging urgency has become the Climate Emergency.

The music living/loving socialising of Zeenagers weave into counter culture rebellion with Feral Five, deux furieuses, Smiley & The Underclass, Ms Mohammed among family and friends who are bringing thought to our thrills through associated activism.

Thank you MDE for this being one of the growing number of instinctive, sustainable and regenerative movements in our tale.

We realise we’re drowning in real lies.

From a verdant canal side, park walk to this wow-some setting. Kind host, Grand Junction, is for all age community, arts and culture at the Grade I listed St Mary Magdalene. Launched this Summer it aspires to be the greenest church in London. Perfect MDE:ONE location.

dancing lit up plantation? my kinda church sensation.

Informative, Engaging, Inclusive, Entertaining.

I listen and learn (recycled plastic x lighter vinyl? the “greening” of record companies? bees on the roof of The Roundhouse helping make their honey bee? Garden Power? working on streaming’s data print? balance artists flying to work –v spreading the good word? – head is buzzing).

I see, and/or converse with friends, old and new. I’m inspired by what is spoken and sung during this diversely represented and presented evening.

75 Seconds of the powerful speech by Fay Milton (Savages, MDE)

“Our voices ripple so strongly through society. Jointly we can support one another to make the changes we need, sharing expertise as a community and a collective.” (Fay Milton)

Fay Milton

As per peace activism gatherings, I am uplifted and wanna yell my natural habitat excitement, like a 1960s teen Beatles fan. I’m adulting today, though, so I just grin. There’s not much to smile about, sometimes. Enough has been Enough for most of our lifetimes.

It’s Worse Than We Thought.

Extinction’s potential increases daily as fascism rises.

Alien greed wages weapons of mass distraction war on hearts zand minds: Fake news overload numbs reality’s horrorism. When Love Island is under water it will be too late.

Eco-anxiety experienced from early/any age is a form of abuse. Humanity need to help each other and ourselves. With LOVE, Peace, Music and Solidarity.


Fun Power! I’m writing this on National Poetry Day and
#PeaceCon2019 is also happening. Things can be better than we think, too. Criminal Government Inaction creates a courageous, non-violent civil disobedience from October 7th #InternationalRebellion

So many such inspirations fused MDE:ONE. Shingai – Front woman of The Noisettes, song writer, bassist, fashion icon, brand ambassador, motivational speaker and legend, is unearthly.

Singing together… “Time For A Revolution”

With so many artists in attendance, we are in fine voice. (Well, not me, but I sing anyway). Aaah, it’s a virtual fest of multi tasking talents, like when the room provide the drone tone to accompany singing by Sam Lee of The Nest Collective (who also kindly provided the PA/tech, while Ninja Tune brought decks/panellist and Matt Black of Coldcut DJ’d.

Activism, laughter and kindness are soul medicines. Making a song and dance is to be human. Every size #ClimatePositive makes a difference. “We believe in the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future.” (Music Declares Emergency). True that, music literally has the ears of the people.

Heart was extra warmed to see Smiley, front man of festive rebel stars, Smiley & The Underclass. Not surprised that they make XR Events and stages SUCH a party, or that the title track of their album soundtracks this Extinction Rebellion video from Spring;

Next day @SmileyTownz tweeted; “Beautiful vibrations at @musicdeclares last night @grandjunctionW2. Not long ago climate change filled me with despair. Now with the action being taken within the music industry alone all I feel is hope…”

XR live faves and gentle gents, Smiley & The Underclass

I felt it too. Humans are magical creative creatures, as expressive as the sky’s daily priceless artworks. We can all be #Wonderclass

I hope that we can stay strong and stand up when we could fall down. Sharing ideas, hopes and romantic ideals works. This is what MDE actioned, face to face, by uniting for possible solutions through performances, workshops and talks. I got to experience Eska again. It had been too long. That powerful voice singing her walk through the crowd. To the piano.

“This is How a Garden Grows” (Eska) – #FertileEnvironment for real.

Act Now, was the message of the evening. but there are no lectures. I have friends who are resistant to what they feel is being talked down to, rather than invited, but as we magnetise, perceived levels disappear. A call out to Extinction Rebellion’s SoapBox Stages states; “This is not a fringe movement of virtue signalling hippie activists.”“Everybody is needed. Everybody is welcome.” This goes for all human urgency collectives.

We we are all in the same, tree-losing, sinking boat. A bird needs it’s left and right wing to fly. No time in history has ever been such an emergency as NOW. It was good to hear goodness that benefits us ALL.

Insightful ideas exchanged by the music industry panel

Alongside Fay Milton, campaigners presenting included Jane Beese, Head Of Music at The Roundhouse, Farhana Yamin (environmental lawyer) , Chris Johnson (Shambala Festival), Ian Solomon-Kawall (May Project Gardens), Karen Simmonds (Universal Music environmental consultant), Peter Quicke (Ninja Tunes/Association of Independent Music) and Chiara Badiali/Alison Tickell of acknowledged key eco-suss consultants; Julie’s Bicycle – also making my evening, big up Lewis Jamieson of LoudHailer Press (seen) and the ever fab Karen Emanuel of Key Production (giggle-hugged). All be key in something bigger.

This autumn over seven and a half million human family marched and struck for a habitable climate.We have so far to go, but have also come a long way.

Birds tweet!

Respect existence or expect resistance.

World mis-leader commitments are flimsy and self interested – it is our part in Nature’s Chain as guardian offspring of the living planet, to take action.
The Climate Strike alone is not enough. 

Every individual movement needs to unite, share knowledge and solutions. We are children of all ages united in peace for love. This elation and empowerment comes in multi-dimensional dangerous times.

XR Central London Spring 2019

We are changing the armageddon’s apocalypse script, because we are earth, wind and fire beings made of water, we have sixth sense and free will.

Many people are prepared to risk their liberty to stand up for our planet. .An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said: 

“We appeal to the humanity of the government and authorities to remember that we are non-violent protestors. We appeal to their humanity to remember that we are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Many are losing their lives already and we are called upon as human beings to act now.

XR Hackney Grow 2019

This is such a crucial time in our history, that we could all soon be actual history. Power to the Youth Citizens of the future forging a destiny together. This is a social justice fight for communities at ALL levels where faiths, generations, differences and borders disappear into our one race: human.

If there is a tribe hidden anyway undiscovered on this planet, I assure you that they sing and dance. Joy is Nature’s global communication. All living things are the arts, and the wind whispers songs in the trees as waves break in choruses upon the shores. I love music and our living planet.

I hope that like the children of all ages, true world Leaders will increasingly choose eco, and End of daze over ego and End of days.

Updates and Images from MDE:ONE

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