Doc; Spring Part 1

Since Spring 2014, alternative rock has seeded a fresh Entertainment Industry.

Despite an Armageddon / Black Mirror austerity feel to modern life, this escapism lights up our dystopian darkness.

TheZineUK documents a small facet of positive music movements.

Click here to see Spring 2019 – Part 1.

Unity. Creativity’s Civilisation Blueprint.

Argh Kid : “Has it been a great decade for music?”

Travellers Tunes: “Its been a criminally under documented one.”


If the last five years alone are anything to go by, it’s been an unbelievable, virtual secret.

Nowadays “faces” of the DIY punky scenes are not national music press, but the rising subjects, creators and enablers of new media. Mainstream say “print is dead”. Music Women like Sahera Walker and Elly Bailey sell out of their printed zines.

Broadsheets newspapers ask “where are the working class, female, non white, etc.”, in Rock music (without frequenting the events that a diverse collective are involved with).

Our own Monefa Walker, also stages Classical Music events.

It’s a positive situation. Outsiders and interdependence laying a sparkling and inclusive firm foundation.

..while having fun!

High calibre events with low-cost entry for intimate and involved, showier performances of bigger songs. The bar is the “meet and greet”!

The charismatic cast of what The Novus quite rightly acknowledge as this Post Modern Fairytale, have no choice but to live through “colourful” back stories.

Characters step out of the pages into new twists. Bands form, change or split, try, fail, succeed. Who knows? Get on this ride of living NOW’s jazzy duck and dive dream.

Under radar, under estimated, misunderstood. We love these artists, many moments of joy, worry, rant or calm with them. Thanks for involving us, lovely folks.

TheZineUK are among the support interdependent network of the newer wave media / industry, who are compelled to tune into, support (and enjoy!) this developing movement.

With artists of every kind at the TOP of our (penniless! ha ha) collective food chain, new possibilities emerge. Creative minds and poetic souls feed into TheZineUK’s situationism.

The rest is chaos.

…and beautiful.

These wonderful, perfectly imperfect people are rebelling against the Hostile Environment with a Fertile Environment, and it shows.

Something Must Grow” (Patrick Jones).

It’s blooming wonderful under the radar!

Spring 2019 Part 1

Photos by Lisa Perry, Steve Hampson and Vanadian Avenue, plus CroCroLand / Yanafest, (socially inclusive amazements with charitable intentions at heart) and screen grabs from the past five years.

My own diary shots are technically bollocks, but I hope they capture some of the genuine warmth, kindness and escapist exhilaration that is to be found by stepping into this incredible youthquake sound track of bold art, unique chic and defiant LOVE.

I sought the photographer credit for this front page image of rising stars below. It was taken by an instantly made new friend, passing by, on request from one of the musicians. Now the hunt is on to find our “CroCroLand Family Member”!

Spring Part 2 follows soon.

Madlands – Musical, Magical (SomaFest)

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