Dizzy Lizzy presents The 1st Anniversary!

Dizzy Lizzy Presents: 1 year anniversary. Words by Disco MarkY. Band photography by Robyn Skinner.

A stupendous evening, curated by our favourite Dizzy Lizzy. Five amazing bands gracing the stage at Nambucca. You all know it, however you might not have been to a night like this before. 

Eddies House begin the evening, and what a start. Call it indie-pop, pop-punk, indie-punk??? Whatever you want. With a lead singer who has a voice to die for these young ‘uns set the tone early.

We’re here for a good time but, tonight, not a long time. With bouncy numbers and just great vibes – plus standouts like ‘Beatnik Chick’ & ‘1201 Rerun’ – Eddies House will be here for a long time.

Its early days for Tvvins but they are already making a helluva noise in their turf of Kentish Town. A two piece that make a beautiful loud…something. With energy that could lift a Hindenburg. Last song ‘The Witch’ might have been the highlight of the night. Next gig is on the 10th December at Werkhaus – Go! You will not regret it. 

Was completely unaware of Civil Partnership before the gig. Shame on me. Pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

Atmospheric…dark..with guitars to ruff your ears. Early days for them too, so most of the set list is untitled. We love untitled. Of the named tracks, ‘Icarus’ reminds of a Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Smashing Pumpkins hybrid. Believe me!

Couples have the biggest crowd of the night. And richly deserved. Yours truly has been lucky to see them several times. Their fan-base will outgrow London soon. But for now we are all happy with ‘Rip em out’ ‘Radio Silence’ and more. It was the party of the night. Prince & The New Power Generation for the modern day?  They are all good looking devils too. Talented gits.  

Everyone took a break before the evenings headliners and closers Natural Mystery Museum. Not a surprise after what’s gone on so far. Band start playing. Oh wait there they are. Packed pit once again.

This band will be big. I mean really BIG. Download Festival mainstage big. With riffs and hair to rival any band. ‘Dead Friends’ and ‘Salt of the Earth’ are the reason why this group are one of the best live bands around now.

Energy in the room is off scale and its obvious to see why these lads are currently on tour with Sunset Sons as we speak.

Huge things await for them and maybe everyone on tonight’s bill… Dizzy Lizzy included


Disco MarkY and Dizzy Lizzy at The Music People Party 2018

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