Friday I’m In Love VII

…with these new releases! 07 –  End of the Trail’s Kelly Munro is back to bring you the lastest #MustHearFridayTunes

Bathe / Tarot Cards Amazing, dreamy stuff. Fluffy little clouds man.

Emmrose/ Hopeless Romantics Flamanco! Tango! But with a great tune lodged inbetween.

Tape Runs Out / Friends None more indie. None as good. Perfect.

Multimagic / Move On Bedroom pop but somehow shiny and lovely.

WRENN / Craigslist Personals Sounds of The Sundays but LA style. Honeydew.

JW Francis / Is That the One Laidback Sunday vibes. Slacker but no cracker.

Useless Cities / Life Is Full Of Endless Possibilities Gothic indie sound channelling Joy Division. Angles.

Hockey Dad / I Missed Out  The indie Australian Tears For Fears. Great track.

Jackie / Lifetime in a Touch Pop/Rock/Indie done the right way.

Tim Schou / If I’m Being Honest Singer-songwriter with that extra piece of special.

High Tropics / Changes A garage band with a non-garage tune. Excellent.

We Are The City / Killer B-Side Music Off-kilter b- movie stylings. Weird but good.

The Arthur Brothers / Lovesunk Clever pop music. Worth waiting for the chorus.

LAV.ISH / U R Super 808’s and funk stylings. Get up or get out.

Sapphire Blues / Good Morning Britain The sound of young England. Fit for work.

Peraly Drops / Choke Chillwave so cool, it’s practically frozen.

Shelter Boy / Use Me Bedroom pop with an edge. Just super!

Remington super 60 / Fake Crush Super cool 60’s sound with eerily good harmonies.

Lilla Parasit / Feather Soul Obtuse and engaging. Sounding from another world almost.

Dreamaway / Back To California Beach Boys indie. Oh yes, it is.

MUNNYCAT / MILLIONAIRE (jz + bncé) Happy weekend vibes. Let’s go out, out.

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