Friday I’m In Love VIII

End of The Trail’s Kelly Munro brings you this week’s HOT releases. Get these on your playlist, before your mates….

Jane’s Party / I Want it Bad Xmas is coming… Yay!! Great seasonal tune. Santa has flares.

KYANOS / Moonlight Jazzy, dreamy, teenage sceney. Know what we meany? Tune.

Yammerer / Airport Agit pop from Liverpool but sound like Geordies. Howay.

Stevie Wolf / Flicker Delicate sounds from Stevie. Wait for the chorus. All the feels.

The Pairs / Will and A Way Celtic 3 part harmonies. With tunes. Oh yes, they have tunes.

TYGERMYLK / I Killed the Bees Dreamy pop goodness from Brighton. Eat it.

The Know / 143 The Know. They know, you know. Exceptional.

Michael G Moore / MDMA Everybody loves a great drug chorus. Everybody loves drugs.

_people. / Grace Amazing Rock? Indie? Something in between. But something good. Proper chorus.

Skinny Living / No Messiah Big song. Big voice. Probably be massive in 6 weeks. Too good.

Highly Suspect / 16 Gospel tinged goodness from these guys. Bigness.

Anxiety Club / Public Service New Zealand indie pop with huge song to match.

BUHU / A Tide Apart Singer songwriter goodness. Loving the tune.

The Wilderness / Virginia Sapphire Drop dead song from a drop dead sounding band. Bruce S.

Proper Youth / Off My Mind Country music is good sometimes. This is one of those times.

Big Fox / All I’m Trying A song that that climbs into your heart and stays there.

Someday River / Are We Free? Lo-fi garage with a kinda longing sound. Of course that makes sense.

Jenny Kern / Satellite Road music. USA. We feel the journey. Great sound and tune.

TOUCAN / Another Lover TOUCAN are an explosive ten-piece funk-pop band. I can tell. Bigness.

Dylan Dunlap / If That’s Alright A guy that know his way around a tune. Well done man.

The Vacant / Losing Sleep Student stadium rock. Its no bad thing when it sounds like this.

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