THE REZNER are coming for ya!

Rock has impacted this insane 2019 with some stand out newcomers who are here to soundtrack our most uncertain future yet. Aficionados of credible potential, do get The Rezner on your thrill-radar for 2020.

All band images by Mood Foto

Above, left to right; Liam Palmer – bass guitar, Jose Barradas – drums, Sam Stone – vocals/guitar and Redley Flowerdew – guitar/vocals. The Rezner have been faves of various team members of TheZineUK since a tip-off a year ago, and they only become even more so, with each release and every time we see them play.

Of course, we asked if they could please play The Music People Party 2019 on 17th December – and if we could grab a quick interview? Many thanks for both, lads.

The Rezner : “Hey guys – First of all, thanks very much indeed for having us back on the 17th of December for the music people party 2019! It’s been a while since our last show in London so we’re readier than ever for music people party antics!…”

Diving straight in with the latest single, then… New release, ‘For Myself’, an even punkier urgency than ‘Mickey’ (the debut single) , is there an element of pain in there?”

“We completely agree with you on that one. We decided to take an even crazier approach to ‘For Myself’ as we felt that the public needed something to let loose to, in these strange times of… do i dare say, politics – and other pretty scary stuff that’s happening in the world -which is being shoved in our faces, on a day to day basis in modern times of social media.

So we just wanted to give them 2 minutes and 28 seconds of time to completely forget about what’s happening around them, and 2 minutes and 28 seconds of time to come and join us on the dance floor as we have a little jive along with a few shandies.”

The Rezner were due to play an episode of The Camden Mix Up this summer, but an unfortunate and painful thumb injury put paid to that… We hope that Reds is all in one piece now? You’re not too prone to harm, hopefully? 

“Ah of course, the thumb! that was a good one from Mr Flowerdew indeed… And right before that start of our mini tour for the new single!

“Luckily we managed to put him back together again and he was up and ready within a week, what a trooper eh? But no, thankfully we’re not prone to injuries within the band as that’s our first (and last!). But if there’s one thing we learnt from that, it’s to always use the guard on a Japanese mandolin. P.S WE’RE SORRY TO ANYONE WE HAD TO CANCEL ON AND WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PICTURE OF THE THUMB.”

All part of the story. Though, that’s a big NO to the picture!

Sufficiently healed not too long after, The Rezner supported The Velvet Hands at the London date of the sold out tour with This Feeling. By the end of the night, at least one member of each band needed a plaster, and so did I. Probably gonna be taking a first aid kit to their next gig, just in case!

The reason London keeps asking for this band to please make the journey from Cornwall (equivalent distance to Newcastle) is that The Rezner are high quality entertainers with a stage-commanding confidence in what they do.

Thank you for gracing our fifth birthday party in Spring (a few days before ‘Mickey’ the first single was released).

“What. A. Night. But don’t thank us – Thank you for having us. We had a nutty time and met a lot of awesome people throughout the night so it was an absolute honour.

Thank you so much, Louise Schofield TV, as ever!

How did this year – so far – pan out for you?

2019 has been a blast from start to finish and we’ve enjoyed every second of it, from the two single releases to major festival appearances. But we can only thank the people who have helped us along the way such as yourselves, Kick Out The Jams, This Feeling and many, many more.

It honestly means the world to us to have that support behind us which is why we’re so looking forward to the music people party in December, as its time to give what we can back – And boy do we have a show planned for you!

#MusicTourism – for travellers, can you recommend Cornwall aces, spaces or places that music lovers would dig? Studios/Creatives too.

“Cornwall is more alive and kicking than it has ever been and is ready to burst like the 90’s grunge explosion of Seattle, and there’s many places you can catch this happening.

Our absolute favourite venue (probably in the world) is our heart and home at a place called ‘The Old Bakery Studio’s’ in Truro. It has become one of the most important venues in Cornwall in such a short space of time and was home to our first ever gig alongside ‘The Velvet Hands’, and has helped us build our fanbase from being the first act on, to selling the place out at our own headline shows. Its a place of wonders.”

A pretty standard end of year question, but is there anything up your collective sleeves that you can let us know about, yet?

“We can’t quite tell you what it is we have planned for 2020 as surprise central is on the horizon. But what we can say is that we are set for our biggest year yet.

Our pockets are empty from the amount of time we’ve spent in the studio which can only mean one thing. We have announcements to make which we could only have dreamed of making four years ago.

It’s safe to say, that 2020 is the one. Hold tight, brace yourselves and prepare, because we’re comin’ for ya.”

You better believe them!

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