RKC rising. Rachel K Collier interview.

Rachel K Collier released her new LP ‘RKC’ a few weeks back. With major support from Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1 (and also a major whizz at the Ableton Live shenanigans), she’s setting the internet – and the world- on fire with her tracks. A rising star for sure.

We broke into her busy schedule to ask the her some questions

Hey Rachel. Nice to meet you. Tell us how long you’ve been producing music

RKC : “I’ve been producing profesionally now since 2015, which is when I released my first self produced EP ‘Words You Never Heard’ on Indie Electronic label Love & Other Things – but even listening back to that EP now, I think my production has come a long way since then. I’m a lot more confident now in my sound and workflow”

Rachel K. Collier

What’s been some of your highlights so far on your musical journey?

I’ve been super lucky to travel so much with my music. Playing shows in the US, India, Czech Republic, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin has definitely been a massive highlight.

It’s so good to see how my music connects with different nationalities – and always amazing to see how far your music is actually reaching.

My first show in the US was a small, 150 capacity bar and there was an Aussie rock band on before us. I had no idea what to expect. I thought the crowd might all leave when we started the set, but it was the opposite.

I had loads of unexpected Austin (Texas) fans and also the footfall of the bar was amazing and by the end it was a completely packed venue with loads of screaming Americans. Honestly that was a massive career highlight. Also travelling to India to perform and lead production workshops for young women in India was such an inspirational trip for me. That inspired the song ‘Bad Day‘ from the record.

You have a track called ‘Dinosaur’, whats the oldest piece of equipment you use?

hahaha ok the oldest piece of equipment I use is probably my live on stage laptop which is a 2012 mac book pro LOL

You are very accomplished with Ableton. Did it take a long time to master? Could we?

I have been using Ableton since I was Eighteen. I feel I have spent the majority of my adult life holding hands with Ableton.

I didn’t ever have a lesson with it I just started using it and I still learn new things when I am using it now. It’s an incredible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that I feel I can express myself as an artist best with!

I also have an amazing relationship with them- they are a very supportive company and I feel lucky. Could you guys learn it? DEFINITELY!!! You can make it as little or as crazy complicated as you like.”

What albums do you never get tired of listening to? 

“Jamie XX ‘In Colour’ and Erol Alkan’s Reworks Volume 1&2. I actually listen to music a fair bit more chilled out than mine. I like to produce music like this too. but I prefer to play stuff that is more energetic live. I think this has definitely shaped the sound of RKC too. If I wasn’t a live performer my music would be more chilled. like my first EP when I wasn’t performing.”

What can we expect next from you now the LP is out?

I have a few cool collabs coming up and also some fun shows. The next one on Tuesday 19th November at The Grace in London. I also have a whole movie coming out at the end of November which is made by an amazing film maker from Swansea called Jamie Panton – he’s been shadowing us this whole year throughout the tour and filming behind the scenes- we are going to do a movie premier for this in Swansea so stay tuned!

Catch Rachel at The Grace, Highbury Corner on 19th November https://facebook.com/events/2288073611503072/

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