The Dabhands. Double lives, single minds.

The Dabhands are one of the developing bands who are woven into the fabric of our alternative rock tales.

Photography by Rob Blackham

Last Spring they graced our Camden Monarch music social. Having signed to Rose Coloured Records this spring, (label for BERRIES and more!), they launched the ‘Bad Apple‘ EP in Summer, picked up BBC Radio support and played various independent festivals (including BBC Introducing Stages). Click here for the soaring title track, ‘Bad Apple‘, on Spotify.

TheZineUK invited The Dabhands back to play The Music People Party in December, they kindly said yes! A good time, then, to catch up with lead singer, Katie Campbell, for a quick interview, beforehand.

TheZineUK : “For anybody that missed your seminal set at Camden Monarch last year, how would you describe your live show and lyrics?

Katie : “We’ve come a long way since Camden, but don’t get me wrong I’m still writing lyrics about folk who piss me off BUT I did branch out recently and wrote one about someone who was nice!

Our live shows are always a beautiful expression of our friendship, we all live at separate ends of the earth so when we get together on stage it’s with the freshest love”

Love of what they do, shows with The Dabhands. 100% DIY created and presented, the ‘Bad Apple’ EP (released as “pay what you want” on Rose Coloured Records) heralds a new chapter. It’s the confident sounds of a band starting to bloom.

“It feels like things are looking up for The Dabhands?…”

“…We’re looking up so much our necks are aching.

Naa but seriously things are going well, Rose Coloured Records have got our backs, bunch of cuties.

Maybe one day we can hang up our work clothes and tell our bosses to suck it, but until then we’ll keep leading our double lives, selling our bodies in one way or another. It’s a beautiful thing.”

More beauty, also, in being photographed by Rob Blackham (Slash, Saint Agnes, George Ezra, more). All part of the story. For the next chapters, do The Dabhands have any plans up their collective sleeve?

“2020 is fast approaching and we’re back writing again at the moment, which is always so refreshing. Such a relief to be writing new songs. Especially if they sounding good, oh boy. That shit excites me for weeks at a time. And after a bit of fine tuning and throwing it back in each others faces screaming ‘that’s not good enough!’ We’ll be ready to get back in the studio for sure.”

The Dabhands may live double lives, but their love of what they do shows a single mindedness that’s driving them to blossom in new music’s fertile environment.

Thanks to the band for the interview. Come and experience some of the freshest love in London when The Dabhands play The Music People Party on 17th December. Click here for Dice.FM free tickets. Kudos to our Promoter, Monefa Walker, for the #FuturePicks tip off about The Dabhands.

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