12/12/19: Hate -v- Love?

The most important/divisive General Election of British History. By the 2030’s will we be reliving the 1930’s horrorism? I hope not (but watch the enablers try).

Leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn has already won in some ways. Socialism is on the agenda of politics. Big time. Being sociable, neighbourly, sharing, having empathy, socialising. What is not to LOVE?

(It feels like Billionaires, Capitalism and other Blue Meanies, HATE humanity and it’s planet)

2010 onwards. A decade decayed: The repulsively rich stealing from the heart-breakingly poor (unnecessary “Austerity” of the Conservatives / Liberal Democrats #ConDem pact) and the Economic Murder inflicted by Universal (dis)Credit and the DWP (deliberately wicked policies).

Boorish Boris Johnson has also already won in many ways. A right wing, fascist coup that deliberately hoodwinks the public. It’s not that people are stupid, this is a multi pronged pincer movement of the dirtiest tricks ever.

Art Rocking Politico-Punks, The Novus

Politics is in the gutter. An absolute disgrace. Any vulgar crook, Silicon Valley meglamaniac or “royal” can do WHATEVER they want. A closed rank of #NaziToffs and child catchers/cagers. Remember morals and decency?

How many lawyers are there? Where is the law? How many true journalists are there? I’m just some lady, venting. Where are genuinely researched and fact checked reports?

I love the BBC we all grew up with. Home of high quality drama, BBC4 TV and BBC Introducing/6 Music.

I fear the BBC’s political propaganda against The People. How can they not be on our side? In a fairer, green and pleasant land, society, EVERYBODY wins. Every background.

#ourNHS x our national treasure rock bands

Many newspapers are also lying to the very people that fund them. On line fight-backs via #BBCswitchoff and #StopFundingHate do have an impact, but the biggest one would be if Ofcom was still valid, i.e. active.

We have watched detective stories for decades, now, yet still nobody has asked for factual evidence of the anti semitism charges against Labour party members. Of course it exists across society. All bigotry does. More in a Tory party which emboldens fascists, actually. Fact.

The silence about that is deafening.

It is recognising Palestinian people as human beings, that is the deciding factor. Hence the smears where Aryan looking celebrities accuse, without proof. Instead of going to the police, they’re big eyed victims on TV chat shows. Report truths to the law!

All Hate Crime is vile, even just being rude. Ignoring one bigotry for another, apartheid style, is bigotry in itself. I have friends of all backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations. Somebody somewhere dislikes us for some reason or other. No need to get nasty or physical about it. Just STFU. (Evolution).

Libel and slander are also crimes worth looking into if the right wing fascist coup, guided by Trump’s Steve Gammon or whatever his name is, achieves it’s long term goal. That “special relationship” is about to get even nastier.

Surely most every day people of both the Un-tied Kingdom and the Un-tied States are decent and kind? This decade has unveiled the monster in many a dark side and unleashed a seam of evil, but at least it’s visible. We see you, Monsters.

(If only!)
The Children’s Mural Near Grenfell

We are better than hurtling towards civil war. We have also defeated fascists more than once (Jeremy Corbyn – the most villified politician, EVER – often on the front line). We see him, too.

Some people don’t like him. If I read snoozepapers, I wouldn’t be impressed, either.

Even The Guardian is whatever centrist is supposed to mean. There is SO much to fix before we can swing back to normality. FFS, HELP US. Please. (the UK)!

The propaganda against being “left wing” has led to violence. It has also fuelled scenes that look like a bunch of angry thumbs giving nazi salutes. Ironically, these same people will also be worked to death before pension, like the rest of us, by the (s)tory party.

This is Britain. That is shameful. Lest we forget.

A decade after the ConDem pact, we are heading towards becoming Hate Island distracted by Love Island, celebrity bollocks and the fact that we have an election with actual policy choices but a media hell bent on giving North Korea a run for it’s money.

Right. Now.

People. Are. Dying. On. The. Streets.

Children. Are. Starving.

We. Are. In. A. Climate. Emergency.

The education, health, public servants and the arts so necessary to social cohesion have been slashed. A heist, with tax dodging billionaires creating a Safety Last situation for the general population. Definitely a national security risk.

The 2012 Olympics (won, under Labour) opening ceremony (yes, OUR NHS – even on low incomes, we pay our National Insurance) looks like a fantasy, these days. We CAN pull together as a nation, again.

Worried about immigrants? It’s gonna be OK. Try to think of them as humans. If they LOVE Britain, it’s only gonna make us stronger. (Food taste better, win more at sports, music fusions more innovative!)

You are right wing/centrist?

You are left wing/socialist?

If we love Britain, why on EARTH would we want it to become a second world nation, heading fast, for many, to third rate. A bird needs both wings to fly.

You want to leave the EU? You want to retain your freedom of movement?

Either way, vote Labour and get the chance to have a final say. Incidentally, no conversation with a homeless person has ever raised the subject of B**xit. Immediate needs are sustenance, shelter and respect.

Can we agree to disagree for all our sakes? Our country is best with people’s well-being at the heart of decisions? Whatever happens, we’ll then get a better deal than anything a vulgar, misogynist, bigoted lump of a lout can achieve.

We are in a surreal Dickensian Orwellian Dystopian hell beyond the grasp of fiction.


There is hope. The youth are a credit to the education system. Fridays for future. Yes please.

We are a nation in turmoil, adversity and peril. Divided, we are now ready to be conquered. Due to all the right wing propagandists (some of them digging their own future graves), we are sleep walking to goose stepping.

People are frightened of what is happening for many reasons. Inflicting fear. How evil is that? Mental Health from childhood onwards, scarred.

It was all yellow tory (Chris Martin of Oldplay for the Fib Dems) – but Jo Swindle is a fracker, so, nah.

The best beats, words, tunes and young hearts are for Corbyn.

Labour: Toil. Work. Labouring… Reality: if you need a job, you are Working Class

I LOVE all the Rock n Roll Isles

Who knows what kind of Friday the 13th it will be in December 2019? Revolution, or revulsion then rebellion? Who knows? We can’t even trust the results. But what do I know? I’m a pleb. Proud to be so.

Right now though, I personally like to thank Jeremy Corbyn. He is imperfect i.e. Human. I don’t expect a saint any more than a perfect life.


His legacy includes a country that makes a song and dance about everything, actually singing out loud with hope.

We will keep that memory in our collective psyche and so will future citizens currently in junior and infant school.

Stiff upper lip, Blighty. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. On 12th December, I hope we paint the town, nay, the nation, a warm RED, with LOVE.

All above opinions are personal and do not reflect what anybody else might be thinking, but I can’t sleep so I thought I’d type, instead.

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