Stars for The Many

“The For the Many Tour is about using our platform to bring people together, influence change and help create a society in which we are a little bit more equal.” (The Blinders)

It’s not just that guitars are back in the forefront of activism, it’s also that music still wants to save the world. Good. Big Joanie, Jon McClure (Reverend & The Makers), Grace Petrie – oh so many more, allied with friends/fans at events, on line, wherever, to make the future look brighter. No matter what happens next.

Politics -v- dirty tricks. I went off on one, a few weeks ago (’12/12/19: Hate -v- Love?’) but am switched on the people powered punky positivity pulsing against the elite establishment’s excremental evil. Fckn adore the artists in TheZineUK’s story. Taking sides with the people. For The Many.

Surreality in a Woodford Cellar Bar, For The Many

Against the odds, artists in austerity are existing and inspiring. If we lose (BoZo appears to know it’s a done deal) , these Talents have won hearts and future. If we win, we win win. Massive thanks to The Blinders and (loads of!) friends for the injection of affection that #ForTheMany tour is boosting Britain with. These are people of colour. That colour is RED:

Since a #SocialistSunday like no other (1st December Manchester Ritz), The Blinders are on the campaign trail, canvassing the public, then playing gigs with like minded artists. Proceeds from the shows are donated to the local Labour Party. On Wednesday 4th, caught a surreal moment of the tour in the Far East. Of London… Rebel rocking Kick Out The Jams and mates.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Went for a situationist fairy tale walk under the half moon, via a Conservative world looking but scenic weeping willowed duck pond, down a Snake Lane to Woodford Broadway where Seasons Bar lost it rock show virginity to a noisy fun cramming of punky lefties.

Cross Wires
Sisteray x The Novus
beat poets, The Blinders
Co promoters, Sisteray. Job well done.
and breathe…
Ready for the sold out The Blinders, The Novus and friends, Conor?

Tonight we’re on Dan’s home turf…

Thing is, it was all underlined with quality live music, socially inclusive vibes and felt like an I was there Friday night (on a Wednesday). Cheers all.

Read ‘Why I’m Voting Labour’ (Morning Star articles) by Charlie of The Blinders and Dan of Sisteray. Then, on Thursday 12th December, you KNOW what to do… If you can, VOTE.

Come together, we need each other;

Proper photography by Trust A Fox (LOADS of bands and pix!) from Manchester Socialist Sunday at

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