Solidarity. We can do this.

Littler Britain, Winter 2019.

The first five years of TheZineUK documenting were under the (S)tory party. Agree to disagree on the results and blames, then we move on. Hopefully together.

The songs and gigs will keep coming. The tale will keep evolving. The artists will keep inspiring.

Thank you, allies, for every click, “like”, artist support and hug so far.

TheZineUK instagram posted 10 picture memories, (from thousands!) a few hours before the 12/12 Election results.

We hope to create another five years of love, peace, music, unity and hope. Even in a hostile environment.

The friends of a #FertileEnvironment inspire it. Onwards. ❤️🎶 ❤️ p.s. below, the cover of Spring 2019 part 1 picture documentary. part 2 is coming soon!

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