Hollie Findlay

Here at TheZineUK, we managed to grab a chat with upcoming teen musical talent, Hollie Findlay.

Hollie has been making waves in the UK and impressing industry as she goes. Plays from Radio X and beyond put her in a great place for 2020.

TheZineUK : You are very young! Tell us how long you’ve been making music

Hollie : “I’ve always loved music ever since I was little, but songwriting was something that I didn’t think I could do, until I was about twelve or thirteen when I first realised how much fun that aspect can be as well.”

What’s been some of your highlights so far on your musical journey?
“I think there isn’t yet a ‘best part’ because I’m just enjoying everything that I do equally, but I suppose if I were to perform at my dream venue in the future that could change.”

Your latest single is called ‘Love You Hate You’, what is your greatest love and greatest hate?
“I really don’t want to say that my biggest love is creating music because it sounds so cliche. As for hate, I definitely don’t like morning people who wake up and are all loud and enthusiastic, I like to take my time to get energy when it’s early.”

We hear that you don’t live in the UK. Tell us about your home.
“My parents are both British, and they moved to Greece before I was born. So I grew up here on the small Greek island of Kefalonia. I always used to think of myself as Greek even though I’m very much not (genetically at least). But now I just think of myself as a mixture of both English and Greek, in between.”

What albums do you never get tired of listening to?
“I tend to only listen to full albums when I really really like a particular song from one. I was listening to Korean R&B one night and I fell in love with this song called ‘fairy- dvwn’. Yeah, I’d have to say that song’s whole album doesn’t get boring.”

What can we expect from you in 2020?
“This year is going to be a big big year for me, growth wise in my music.

I’m really focusing on producing and creating a sound that really fits me and what I like.

I also find myself drawn to music that has some sort of message, even if the songs aren’t very specific and it’s up to your interpretation.

I’m going to be writing, creating and producing a full album for release this year and I have (I think) a unique idea of ‘Chapters’. This album is being broken into three chapters, the first two have two parts with two tracks each and the last will be the full release with a final chapter with two songs to complete the album. The basic idea is a journey everyone takes in their lives and so I hope most people will be able to relate to it.”

Hear, here:




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