The Rezner x Louise Schofield TV

The Rezner graced TheZineUK’s 5th birthday in March. We can’t them enough for returning to The Music People Party. That is some journey, Cornwall and back!

They truly delivered the goods – Big tunes and a confidently engaging show. Louise Schofield caught up with the band. Like she says, here, they’re ready for bigger stages…

Liam (bass guitar), Sam (vocals/guitar), Red (guitar/vocals), (drums) in conversation…

2019 has been a whirl, absolute scenes on home turf with multiple shows for BBC Introducing, landmark festival slots, a Sum 41 support and much more. A few days after their Spring show for TheZineUK, debut single, ‘Mickey’, dropped and was greeted like the arse kicking saviour of a tune that it is.

Newly released, the follow up, ‘For Myself’, keeps the ball up high. Another roar-along instant rock classic that’s possibly even spikier. Vanguard sounds. What have The Rezner been up to since our most recent interview? In their own words:

Louise Schofield is rising fast in our own right. Even after our Spring party, the next night she was on the red carpet with Idris Elba and Jo Brand!

The Rezner headline Independent Venue Week/BBC Sounds, Truro February 1st.

More from The Music People Party to come. Then a new Future Picks collaboration born on the dance floor that night (fuelled by DJ Nineties Mike and a load of red stripe!) Boom!

Fertile Environment: The newer wave of artists, industry, tech and media are individually developing in unique ways and of such credible, interdependent potential. Over to you, 2020…

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