Now we are Six

Documentary? Situationism? Immersive Theatre? Comedy? Tragedy?

Last year TheZineUK celebrated five years since first uploading Chapter 1 of the diary story in Spring 2014 (the same year that various grass roots music instigations also arrived – maybe there was something in the air)…

So much has happened that this doesn’t feel based in reality sometimes. Are we a rock opera movie? Almost, Almost Famous?

And as for all the BS in the background that passes as real life… One thing is for sure by collaborating and co promoting our friends have created new futures.

Chapter 1 (click and flick) was photographed and created by Rupert Hitchcox, now at Joyzine and the Hard Rock Cafe (among many more achievements). #MusicWomen statement of intent cover with Rhiannon The Nightmare smashing it at the Natural History Museum.

Back page is a scene from TryLifeTV. Teen rockers, Floodliners, are sitting on the bar of Amersham Arms during a club scene (which members of The Caress also appear in). TryLife is now an international, youth powered, interactive drama and tech phenomenom with over seven million fakebook followers alone, plus Ted Talks, Social Media HQ meetings, the works. Well done them.

Amersham Arms remains one of London’s most creative community centres and has one of alternative entertainment’s best stages. ArtBeat central with the gallery upstairs, too.

Georgia of Floodliners went on to be one half of Nova Twins. We totally stan. Recently at Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester, Live Events Dept. grabbed a short clip of them being totally adored in the packed out Deaf Institute

Eternally running in a circle, TheZineUK’s sixth year begins with readership still growing and the Interdependent Music Industry looming into focus.

It was great to catch up with Rupert again last night at The Camden Mix Up. Fred from Saytr Play, too.

Kelly’s band, The Institutes were also on the line up (headlined by Marisa and The Moths) and opening were UK Paint Horse fronted by the enigmatic, effervescent and multi-talent-tasking, Peggy From Earth.

Smiley of The Underclass was doing the door and it was another friends united fest to follow up Full Moon Weekend’s partying at Modern Age Music and This Feeling.

It feels like TheZineUK is onto and into something. We will keep creating and reporting. Thank you for reading, and being part of this story. See you at Future Picks on 29th January (London)?

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