Y.O.U.N.G. ‘All My Mistakes’

The new single from Y.O.U.N.G, ‘All My Mistakes’, tells the story of an artist in this industry, trying to get noticed and bypass the normal spoon-fed statistics of society, the news, politicians etc.  

Ryan Foster caught up with the, ahem, youngsters for this interview. Be sure to check out the single too. Its a doozy.

Introduce yourself and tell us how long you guy have been making music together.

Ben : We’re Y.O.U.N.G, just five lads from a little spot just out of Manchester called Stalybridge. Been making music together for toooo long, especially when we have to sit through drum sound checks.  It’s been a journey for sure… and we’re just getting started!

What’s been some of your highlights so far on your musical journey?

Ben: Supporting the Script was a bit mad! Selling out hometown shows is always a great feeling too. We just made it back from writing in LA too, which was nice, but not as nice as a rainy day in Stalybridge..

Your latest single is called ‘All My Mistakes’. What’s been your biggest mistake?

Jamie: I once touched a stairs banister which had a sign that said “wet paint”. I got paint all over my hands, it was a really bad day.

We hear one of you was nearly a pro footballer. Can you enlighten us on this?

Chez: literally my life up until recent years was heavily just football football football, I actually started my early career at Fletcher Moss Rangers , playing alongside the likes of Jesse Lingard and Ravel Morrison. 

Danny Welbeck and Marcus Rashford are a different age but they also played there. I currently still hold the all-time Goal scoring record for that club all these years later… I then went on to sign for Manchester City Academy and, later, playing Burnley FC & Macclesfield Town youth teams…

My life was being pulled in all kinds of directions at this age but Music clearly won the battle.

What albums do you guys never get tired of listening to?

Ben: As much as we have it on stage I think the easy listening ones are the real stayers.. Newton Faulkner, Lauren hill etc. I’m tired of Liam Payne’s album, I’m yet to listen

Jamie: Post Malone is heavy on repeat in my car, as well as loft chilled hip hop beats.. thats what I like to wind down too

You recently had a songwriting trip to USA. How did that happen and what was it like?

Ben: It was warm in and out of the jacuzzi! We were living! Also, you could get weed delivered to the door which was awesome. You don’t have that here, it’s illegal. It was just a magical hook up between industry friends and before you know it, we’re out there with seven new bangers.

Jamie: Really cool experience, working with The Kooks producer. We also got to play the prestigious “VIPER ROOM”

What can we expect from you this year?

Releases, massive festival performances, hometown shows, more trips to LA and a bunch more. Keep your ears open!

Journalist, Ryan Foster, introduced to TheZineUK team by our scout celebre, Kelly Munro. See near future for more from Ryan!

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