Monefa Walker – genre fusing star gazing

Zeenagers (this tale woven from generations) are a multi talent tasking force of Nature. Always starting new ventures and adventures.

One of our contributors, Monefa Walker, is a composer, performer and astrologer who writes for TheZineUK. Also a fan of various essential up and comers including Calva Louise (appears in their videos ‘I Heard A Cry’ / ‘Belicoso’) and MOSES – both come up in conversation. Monefa is promoter of classical music events (as well as our Rock shows), conducts interviews with The Mysterines, Shirley Manson, BERRIES more, and now in her own right has a debut album coming this year.

Monefa is finding her confidence, but get a pair of friendly Leos together and you’ve a lively conversation. Like when Louise Schofield interviewed her at Future Picks. Both are fab-futured young ladies that I met through music passion – kismet stories for another time!

Please note that the first three minutes are slightly audio blip, the joys of DIY creating on-the-spot.

‘Leo’ demo by Monefa Walker

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