Music’s true gems; Fans.

Ruby Blue is a music fan that wove into this documentary a couple of years ago. A travelling MOSES fan who the band invited to appear in their video for ‘Cause You Got Me’, where we first met. (August 2018 band/crew)

An independent rock n roll spirit, international adventurer and much more, Ruby attended our #FuturePicks live event.

In TheZineUK’s ad lib, situationist style, we asked if she would please do an impromptu interview with Louise Schofield. Kindly, Ruby said yes. Thanks for this.

Lullaby Lou and Ruby Blue!

Fans are as key as musicians, luck, exposure and finance to a band’s story and live show.

MOSES are exciters and inciters, their fans feedback the euphoria of singing and jumping along to such huge songs. We know that the band genuinely appreciate their supporters.

It is kismet how super sparkly Ruby, and her friend Marnie, found MOSES by chance in 2017.

Music Women aces: Lovely Ruby, Marnie and Roxy at The Camden Mix Up when MOSES played

That’s how it happens sometimes. We love and follow bands passionately, which is TheZineUK’s angle, again, the situationism thing is where we got the full juice on Couples from Simon Benumu on a megabus punk adventure.

Hear how it happened from Ruby in her own words.

Why do people who know about MOSES (various Zeenagers included) adore this virtually unknown band so much? Lift yourself with their spirit rousing songs on Spotify in a world where the word “anthem” is bandied about too often, these are tunes about and for life.

A great rock choir! Photographed by Mike Rădulescu

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