J. Laser brings ‘Sunshine’

Interview article by Kelly Munro.

The amazing new track ‘Sunshine’ is the second single release from J. Laser who will release ten singles in 2020, rolling up into two EPs.

J. Laser – Sunshine (Audiam)

J. Laser is the moniker of multi-talented composer, producer and musician, Jordan Lawlor.

Based in Los Angeles and formerly a member of French dream pop outfit M83, J. Laser fuses modern electronic production and sonic manipulation techniques with classic song writing and an innate pop sensibility.

We caught up with Jordan and posed these questions to him:

M83. That went/is going well. Tell us your personal highlight/s? Or tell us to get lost if you’re sick of talking about it? 😉

“Yes, I’m really proud of the work I did over there. However, I reached a point where my own vision as an artist became so potent that I got frustrated with the whole chain of command and just had to make the perilous leap from sideman to front man. It’s been quite a trip.

Highlights were all the wonderful people I met in the band/crew although it’s hard to maintain those relationships when your lives have diverged on different paths, the lyrics of ’Sunshine’ are me grappling and coming to terms with that.”

Your latest single is called ‘Sunshine’, do you like to sunbathe or are you better suited to the warming glow of a pubs neon light?

“I like both! Although I heard a theory that musicians suffer from depression and addiction issues so frequently because we spend most of our time in bars/clubs/venues, living nocturnally and not getting enough natural light, that can really mess with your circadian rhythms so I try to find a balance there.”

We hear you live in LA. What the best and worse thing about the City?

“Best thing- the huge array of diverse cultures and ideas, everything is happening all of the time. There’s a palpable creative energy and open-mindedness that I really enjoy

Worst thing- Industrial pollution, as I get older I’ve learned to appreciate more pastoral settings away from the noise and smog. We might move away soon to be with nature while it’s still a thing!”

What albums do you never get tired of listening to? Anything new that you are currently digging?

“I always go back to Prince, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Brian Eno but I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Caribou and Tame Impala albums, they inspire me so much.”

You just had your first solo live gig. How was that for you?

“It was fantastic. It felt great to bring the songs to life and play them loud, they’ve been living in the computer for far too long!”

What can we expect from you this year? More releases? You out touring?

Yes, I’ve made a lot of music in hermitage over the past two years. I can’t wait to get it all out there and take this show out on the road for sure!


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