Documentary : Summer 2019

Ruby, John, Monefa, Tikz, Joe and Simon – the newer wave of Rock n Roll, rising across Britain Ireland, is a Fertile Environment.

TheZineUK June/July 2019 documentary. Photography by Lorna Cort, Brian Robinson Photography, Elly Bailey, Trust A Fox and James Corrin. Cast includes; Sisteray, Tiger Mimic, Monefa Walker, Hawxx, Musicians Against Homelessness, Madame Fairy, The Dirty Blonds, Live Circuit, Benumu, SONS, The Novus, Head Above The Clouds, Little Nans Bar, Bang Bang Romeo, The Velvet Hands, deux furieuses, Cold Water Swimmers, Joyzine, Smiley & The Underclass, Dutch Mustard, Dead Naked Hippies, The C33s, Cavalcade, Why Generation?, Sahera Walker, MOSES, Radio X Ruby Blue, Sh!tsick and it’s a bit of a Kick Out The Jams x Rotor Videos special. Diary/amateur snaps: Caffy St Luce.

Front cover image: Newer Wave Interdependent music community, outside The Camden Mix Up.

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