The Music Walk Of Fame is Good News.

Spring 2020 positivity: The Music Walk of Fame has recently honoured the icon, Amy Winehouse. Her family and celebrity guests gave their tributes to one of Camden’s very own.

The global star was honoured as the third (augmented reality!) stone on The Music Walk of Fame in Camden.
Industry’s mover shaker, Heather Minx, was there to report on something very close to this documentary’s heart.

Icon and Innovator stones have also been laid in honour of The Who, Madness and Soul II Soul.

One of the world’s most powerful, inventive vocalists, songwriters (and charismas), in her short, but multi award winning career, Amy performed and released a string of extraordinary songs – included two perfect albums: ‘Frank’ and ‘Back To Black’.

Amy Winehouse has left her spirit in millions of souls and a permanent mark on music mythology and the Entertainment industry.

Big Narstie, Don Letts and many more turned up to honour Amy.

Camden, was Amy’s home for most of her twenty-seven years and along with a statue in the Stables Yard, she now leaves an added attraction to London’s key music fan destination. A world famous talent, a poignant story, never to be forgotten.

Fans; TV star, Jesse Wallace, (best known as Kat Slater from Eastenders) and her friend the artist, Pegasus, who has immortalised Amy Winehouse (among many more stars). Look what augmented reality does to his talent at Amy’s stone!

Jesse and Pegasus (who, like Amy, lead far from dull lives) support the Amy Winehouse Foundation

Positivity from tragedy, it was set up to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people.

The Foundation informs, inspires and helps the vulnerable and disadvantaged to reach their full potential through initiatives and therapy.

We like to say she brought us together”, says Jesse, continuing “She’s had such a massive impact… …She was one of a kind, a true talent”.

Pegasus adds; “I think somebody like her only comes along every so often and when they do they’re absolutely spectacular and they leave a real imprint” “…She still continues to make such a huge impact on people’s lives. She also brings people together. She creates amazing friendships. This is the reason we are friends.”

They are right.

Music’s importance can never be under estimated. Music Tourism can be experienced on land and on line. Watch some key moments from the stone unveiling as Amy’s family and celebrity guests gave their tributes to one of Camden’s very own.

“Amy was that person who stood out from the crowd.” (Lee Bennett, Founder of The Music Walk Of Fame).

There was definitely a festive feel to the occasion.

Launched in November 2019, the UK’s first Music Walk of Fame literally sets in stone the names of those that have blazed a trail in music. What the West End is to Theatre, Camden is London’s Popular Music HQ.

TheZineUK documents maverick arts culture – the rise of Music Tourism included. A great boost for the economy, as well as positive news, The Music Walk of Fame celebrates, educates and involves music fans (i.e. the majority of human beings).

Off to a strong start, more icons, innovators and industry movers-and-shakers will be celebrated, alongside unsung behind the scenes instigators.

The Who launched the Music Walk of Fame at the end of 2019. Find out more about the stones (not The Stones!), here;

Ground level goodness. There is so much more going on, and more to come.

Keep and eye on the website and socials for who is “Happening” here, next.

Left to right, Heather Minx, Jesse Wallace, Pegasus.

Amy Winehouse unveiling, Camden, March 2020.  

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