‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ Birthmarks

Since the Ides Of March, Planet Lockdown rebrands a diseased, dis-eased Earth. We need our escapisms from harsh reality. This album is a necessity.

“All Cool’s Day” was to have been a live launch for the credible and incredible debut album ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ Delayed gratification sensation awaits.

The post Brexit days have seen the threads of our tapestry weave into a bigger story beyond belief. Our friends have the epic talent to soundtrack this movie in which we are involuntary extras.

2020 vision includes LPs from Bugeye, MOSES, Nova Twins, EOB, False Heads and Birthmarks – some of Earth’s brightest musical hopes with their globally expansive audiovisions.

…That’s just some of my OWN personal thrills. Imagine how wide this spectrum is, with my variety show of friends who are “living the stream”.

Available now – on all sussed platforms.

Together with his Birthmarks band mates, Jason Fletcher and Jonno Lloyd, Daniel Cross is one of TheZineUK documentary’s golden threads.

Gracing our No.3 Expo a few years ago with a live set declared by an industry insider as “better than NIN”, ArtBeat woven with the “Pulse 1” Eugene Ankomah collaboration. A glimpse into the creative potential that brings ‘One Pulse’. Take five minutes of *You Time* for this video;

Developing against the dramatic backdrop of Year 2019 – between sessions, creating and performing – this LP is impressive as fuck, I am compelled to report.

As our Rock n Roll superman, John Clay, articulates (when creating the stripped down version of ‘Wax’ for Clark Kent’s Rock And Roll Revue/Margo’s Living Room); “Lovely to hear a loud band that can appreciate the power of the quiet moment.”

Fused multiple influences but, with this album, an instant influence themselves (trust), the expansive pop melodies, raw rock force and sex-alien beats of Birthmarks crash to shore in waves of mighty sonic ebb and flow.

Their Star Ship has landed on our futuristic Planet Earth’s dystopian present – with presence. One of Asteroid-Rock’s most extraordinary statements of intent., ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ is brutally and beautifully brilliant. 11/10.

Dark and LIT: http://www.birthmarkssound.com/

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