“Guitars bands are over”. “Rocking at festival’s can’t be diverse”. “It’s impossible to be competitive AND collaborative”. “Career worthy bands are NOT found in small venues these days”.

(Also, a belief that fascism’s global sociopathic ingreeding is “government” and we should divide because war = business).

To all of the above, I say Utter Fucking Bollocks.

Manchester, #YANAfest street art

2014 “guitars are dead” said couch critics. Small venue gig lovers started Music Venue Trust, Independent Venue Week and TheZineUK documentary.

All genres keep buzzing – i.e. Clit Rock – throughout austerity. Not many working class/all the genitals were buzzing on festivals bills around then, though.

It’s 2020. Art Power Movements!

This Feeling have given SO many opportunities last few years, fresh forces like Modern Age Music (now with added Americana), Kick Out The Jams (musical fams) and the gender balanced diversity of CroCroLand. In the background, Rocklands (Events Dept) is working class poc femme punx having a laff.

Easter Weekend 2020 showcases a rising with Rocklands Party, ReWired (above) and SOMA Festival (below) 10th-11th April.

These line ups cross over the interdependent music scenes. Nowadays there is often a multiple choice of guitar goodness gigging of an evening…

Instant Classic Rock, ‘Frosty’ from
Newer Wave DIY upstarts, The Novus.

TheZineUK follows these “Future Picks” as they organically develop: No expectations in Entertainment’s life, but we believe that they are worth recommending. Luckily in many cases, there are well deserved achievements which seem almost unbelievable in our Dystopia. But it’s HAPPENING!

LOVE to see Nova Twins, and more Rocklands alumni, flourishing.
Watch the TAXI video!!!

Currently unknown artists are becoming heritage acts right here, right now. Enriching Arts culture at all levels. Salutations to the sponsors that enable their Fertile Environment.

May marvellousness…

Discover for your escapism; Rock n roll seems almost banned from prime time TV, but promise you there’s always something different and positive twisting and shouting under the radar.

“There’s no good new music”, some Groundhog Day folks feel. Each to their own, but I disagree and say BOLLOCKS.

Bugeye play the 14+ Central London Rocklands show with MOSES, Couples and The Novus on 11th April. Discount advance tickets.

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