Edith; ‘I Kinda Liked You’

“…you don’t need anyone’s approval to be who you truly are.” Ryan Foster interviews up and coming cool queen, Edith, whose new single – ‘I Kinda Liked You’ – is out now.

Already getting Mabel, Halsey, Lany and Dua Lipa comparisons, Edith is emerging as a musical talent in a (polished) league of her own.

Aged ten, she moved from Romania to England to pursue her music career; singing, playing guitar and piano.

Edith started writing songs to be able to deal with, and express her feelings about her life. “Wanting people of all ages and genders to listen to my music and be able to relate to it. I think we all go through the same emotions, love, hate, pain, and we think we are the only ones, but actually all of us feel these emotions”

Ryan: Tell us how long you’ve been making music?

Edith: “I have been writing songs since I was eleven, but only started recording music last year.”

What’s been some of your highlights so far on your musical journey?

“My favourite highlight so far is, honestly, people who don’t know me, find my music and end up loving me. That, for me, is amazing, the way they can relate to my stories.”

Your latest single is called ‘I Kinda Liked You’, what are the kinda things you like to do when not making music?

“Hmm, to be honest I like to either see my friends or chill indoors and binge watch murder series.”

Tell us more about the single. Is there a meaning behind the song? … a story attached to it?

Yes, this song was written very fast, it kinda all came out at once. The meaning and story behind is that, you are the most important person in your life and when others cannot appreciate you, you only have yourself.

Also you don’t need anyone’s approval to be who you truly are. The story is obviously about a certain someone in my life who I thought I could’t do without – but actually, realised I’m better than that.

I Kinda Liked You’ was a really fun song to make, I recorded this one in London with the producer I usually work with, Paddy Hunt.”

“I wrote the song in less than twenty minutes because in that moment that is EXACTLY how i felt about a specific person in my life.

Realising that in fact, you need to love and like yourself as much as you can, before letting someone else in your life. If that someone is damaging, then just let them go, it’s honestly a waste.”

We hear you used to live in Romania. Tell us about there (if you do remember much, that is).

“I personally don’t remember a lot, but life there is very different. Part of my family still lives there so I go and visit every summer. I was born by the beach. The only downside of living in England now is the cold.”

What albums do you never get tired of listening to?

“Red by Taylor Swift. That album is a masterpiece.”

What can we expect from you this year?

“I am planning on releasing an album and gigging around UK (as much as possible). Building up a stronger fan base is very important at the moment.”

Looking forward to that: Find Edith on Instagram |Facebook| Twitter

Edith interviewed by Ryan Foster.

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