Lockdown Look Up

Freshly presented Top Of The Genre Fusion Pops.

1/3 Soulful and prolific Felixity, who released debut single ‘You&Me’ with a handful of albums ready! One of the Komplex mavericks, building her own studio, Felixity made the video in Storm Dennis! Urban street sound that builds into a block party classic.

2/3 Also, like a bolt out of the blue is the punk funk bonkersly infectious sound of Billy NoMates. This is FFS-pop at it’s best. Debut single, ‘No‘, is both a statement and a statement of intent. It’s a ‘YES’ from us.

3/3 magic numbers! Gonna round off this Lockdown Look Up with another brand new just landed recommendation. New wave pop loveliness from Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs, titled ‘Vaccine’, it will earworm your heart.

Fresh facets of musical voices and minds, tunes and beats that landed in surreal times. Where “News” has stopped making sense, music is still the truth.

Stay In. Bliss Out.

Lockdown Look Up.

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