We Daydream with Loveblind

Welcome to a story which “takes place between North and South. Between past and present. Between loneliness and future.” Welcome to Loveblind.

The Newer Wave age has arena worthy soundtracks from star shaped talents. Mouse-hold more than household names. For now. . . Loveblind are a stargaze, cyper-electro force of supernature – their 21st century audiovisual-kraft werks.

With hinted elements of Visage and Placebo, but their unique Mode and presence, Loveblind landed on Planet Lockdown with ‘War Planets’, the first single from ‘Sleeping Visions’ (debut album on Vinyl, CD and Digital via Saint Marie Records).

Dorian Electrique (vocals) and Wyatt Parkins (guitar) were recently conversation with Kelly Munro.

Kelly : Tell us how long you’ve been making music together.

Wyatt – “We started in late 2017 as a three piece, but over the next months added two more members. Most of the record was recorded in 2018, with 2019 spent mixing and mastering.”

What’s been some of your highlights so far on your musical journey?

Wyatt – “Honestly, each step along the way has been a highlight; hearing vocals added to the first song, having the songs mixed, mastered, completing the artwork, completing each video for the record, releasing the first single, etc… Also, seeing the way five people spread out around the world are able to put something beautiful together without being in the same room.”

Your latest single is called ‘Daydream’, what would be your idea of your dreams coming true?

Wyatt – “We want as many people as possible to hear this record. We put so many hours into it over two years, and it would be most fulfilling to know tons of people all around the world have heard and enjoyed it.”

Tell us more about the single. Is there a meaning behind the song? Story attached to it?

Dorian – “Of course there is a meaning. But I always want to give the listeners the freedom to interpret their own story into it. My story takes place between North and South. Between past and present. Between loneliness and future. Something you have seen and can never forget. Something in his eyes… Govinda, on that morning…”

Tell us about your home.

Wyatt Parkins – “I live in Texas, Josh Garman and Neil Burkdoll live in Florida. Dorian Electrique and Mikel Wegener live in Germany. I think our varied geographical locations and cultural differences play a huge role in shaping the sound of Loveblind.”

What albums do you never get tired of listening to?

Wyatt – “There are so many but a few… Slowdive ‘Souvlaki’, Placebo ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’,  David Bowie ‘Blackstar’, The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Siamese Dream’…”

What can we expect from you for the rest of this year?

Wyatt – “We have created a video for each song and will release those over the coming months. We have also started recording again, so it would be nice to release an EP before the end of the year.”

International synthwave supergroup, Loveblind have been making music since 2017 without ever having been in the same room. After years of incremental recording, file transfers, phone calls, video/social media chats, their debut LP, ‘Sleeping Visions’, will be unveiled via Saint Marie. This is sky-scraping shoegazing! Loveblind herald the sound of waking visions.




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