Good Days talk ‘Violet’

“We truly believe that love is the stuff that miracles are made of.” (Good Days)

Kelly Munro recently interviewed Good Days for TheZineUK, leading with…

…Tell us how long you’ve been making music together.

Good Days : “We (Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova) met in 2015 in New York’s Lower East Side. “

“Around the end of 2016 we started hanging out in the studio. By the beginning of 2017 we had finished our first song together and after that summer we had finished five songs and had an EP in our hand. All we needed now was a name.

We talked a lot about wanting to put some good out into the world. Something that might encourage, inspire and even make someone feel loved. We wanted the world to have more good days so we decided that would be our name. Being our first entrance together into the worlds Good Days, we titled the EP simply ‘Hello’ which was released December 7th, 2017.”

Z : What’s been some of your highlights so far on your musical journey?

GD : “First and foremost the greatest highlight is having people listen to something we created and that move them or made their day even just a tad bit better. Every once in awhile we’ll get a message from someone that they heard one of our songs it had a positive affect on them. That’s honestly the best.

Another highlight was a pretty ambitious project we started in 2018 and just finished with our latest release Violet. We called the project ROYGBIV, which was a colorful collection of singles that play off the feels and narratives of each color.

We used the color to influence the music style, instrument choice and even tempo. Lyrically we leaned heavily into the psychology of each color. Finding subject matter and emotions within the full spectrum.

Each track took the name of its respective color. The results of ROYGBIV are just one interpretation that’s personal to us. It was a way for us to share with others what we see, hear and feel in this vast and colorful world.”

Your latest single is called ‘Violet’, is that your favorite colour?

“Hmm…depends on the day. Our favorite shifts quite often. We use color lights in our studio to set a mood for each track. We do love Violet. It’s definitely in the rotation.”

Tell us more about the single. Is there a meaning behind the song? Story attached to it?.

“Violet is the final song in our ROYGBIV project. As each previous color conveyed something unique, Violet for us was all about compassion. We truly believe that love is the stuff that miracles are made of. So no surprise we say “love” about a hundred times. “

“We wanted the song to feel like a warm hug from the universe. Something that might fill your heart to possibly overflow into the world. And as much as compassion is important to others we must all remember to have compassion towards ourselves. Be your best friend and take it easy on yourself. You’ll then start taking it easy on everyone else and the love comes full circle. We really hope that when people listen to Violet they feel the love.”

Tell us about your home.

“We currently live in Los Angeles. We both moved out here from NYC over the past year and half. It’s a huge change from New York but a change we needed. The 365 days of sunshine. The beautiful beaches and mountains. It’s not far from paradise. It’s definitely having a good affect on us. The spirit of California has always had a presence in our music so it’s wonderful to finally be here.”

What albums do you never get tired of listening to?

“I think the one album that probably gets the most repeats when we’re hanging together would have to be #1 Record by Big Star. It’s an amazing album.”

What can we expect from you this year?   

“Now that ROYGBIV is wrapped we are shifting from color to California. Living here we’ve been inundated with all kinds of wonderful west coast culture and we’re big fans. So now we’re working on a new EP that will be like love letters to California. It’s had a positive impact on us and we hope that we can capture that and share it with people all around the world.” | 

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