Almost Everything Is Bullshit…

Zeenager faves MOSES are the ultimate indie-pop band. I defy anyone to listen to ANY track on Almost Everything Is Bullshit, and not have it stuck in their heads the entire day. This album is full of the feel-good lockdown lullabies you’ve been waiting for. 

Despite the title being one of the most relatable statements out there at the moment (especially if you find yourself watching the news or in the Twittersphere) this album is 37 minutes, ten tracks, of pure summer tune escapism. 

It starts with the foot-stomping live favourite  Cause You Got Me, Victor’s uniquely addictive sharp but somehow soothing voice reminding us that when times are hard, people are out there to help us through. Truly, a song that we all need right now, eh? Then it’s onto ‘You Need L’, which has that pure 90’s feel to it, with an intense guitar solo that’s somewhere between your favourite grunge band and yet still so fresh and happening.

River Thames comes next, and how could it not be included? Nothing more needs to be said for it, apart from it is perfect, bouncy pop goodness. This, followed by Who Needs The Money, a psych-blues lament that has Victor asking ‘Who needs the money when we got love?’ Oh, my heart.

Latest single, Waiter features next – probably my favourite MOSES track if I was forced to choose. A hauntingly biography of the struggle of following your dreams. ‘Cause now I’m Just a bloody waiter…’ Relatable, as fuck.

Whilst Joy wins all the catchy chorus awards: ‘Where is my life?/I want the dance the joy/And be happy all the time..’ The deepness of the band’s lyrics is laid bare here, with maturity beyond their years. MOSES have the ability in all their tracks to hide their intelligence lyrics behind super catchy hooks, that they catch you unawares at all the right moments.

Basically is a pure unapologetic revenge track, elements of the best of the early 2000’s pop-punk revival sound here, with that unique MOSES bounce along magick. This leads into Crocodile, a slightly slower paced but still powerfully head-bobbingly good.

Findings is MOSES at their most vulnerable as highlighted in the fantastic if a little controversial, music video that accompanied this. It’s climatic in many senses of the word. Constantin, a song long time fans will recognise, finishes the album with the band showing the true depth of their prose. It’s pure indie goodness.

But, that’s just my isolated ramblings, you should check out the album yourself below, and I KNOW I’ll be seeing you at a MOSES gig, when this is all over…

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