Living The Stream, Balcony Festival No.2

No human is currently “Living The Dream”. But… come together (again) on Saturday 11th April for Balcony online music festival stream show. We meet via Joyzine YouTube at 1pm GMT. Hopefully you’ll be uplifted by this united tipped talent treat presented by Louise Schofield of BBC Sesh, hosted on a variety show of virtual stages by key new music supporters. We are honoured to be part of this.

#2020vision turned out to be a (wonderfully sound-tracked) tangent on the twist of the plot as vision cleared, reevealing kindness -v- callousness and sycophantic stupidity -v-helpful resourcefulness. Artists at all levels, locked down but joining in, where more personal, live streamed performance is concerned.

Birthmarks will play our virtual stage. Their debut LP, ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ (review) is something else!

Saturday 11th April 2020 from 1pm
Thomas Truax – Joyzine Stage
Weekend Recovery – CroCroLand Stage
ARXX – Loud Women Stage
Stephen Evens – Gigslutz Stage
Birthmarks – TheZineUK Stage
Jack Found – Benumu Stage
Call.Me.Tiece (Girlhood) on the Bechdel Sound Test Stage
Cookie – Quarantini Stage
ALOHA DEADSSonic Tonic Stage
Kerri WattGod Is In The TV Zine. Stage

A delight of CroCroLand Festival a year ago. A delight at any time; ARXX!

Thank you Science & Nature for, no, not fashion, but passion. Communicators and Performers compelled to a #TwitterFestival of events on multiple platforms including @Tim_Burgess#timstwitterlisteningparty |Manic Street Preachers sharing #LoveRecordStores anecdotes | @steve_lamacq calling “new/new-ish artists who are live streaming a ‘gig’ for his #Recommends

On line quizzes by Trampolene and @MarkStack4 (the latter promoting new bands at the same time – including Tiger Mimic who graced BalconyOnlineFest No.1 which raised over £750 for Musicians Against Homelessness a few weekends ago)

Please send us more of your #BalconyOnlineFest TV star snaps! (pix courtesy of Joyzine)

We can all get involved and feel personal while staying home for Safety First. Created by independent UK blogs and promoters, Balcony features exclusive performances for good causes.

Our NHS is the beating heart of this nation from birth to death for most people. Extra LOVE this weekend – with the added boost of finding new favourites via our interdependent media network.

Our talented entertainers finding ways to do what they do best, even though the future looks bleak for the very things that we are turning to, creativity and performance.

Moaners gonna moan. A few people have complained that there are too many live streams at the moment (as if they can’t tear their face away and watch, or even do something else!).

Now imagine no internet (it could happen). While we have it LET’S GET FESTIVE!

As somebody who experienced back-line-share-hell-tragedy occasionally – and other first (or second now) world problems – I miss gigs like hell, but I am right down the front for all these amazing artists inviting us to be with them like this.

And for Our NHS too. Win win. We have never been so simultaneously apart, yet together.

Seeya on the balcony where our communities cheer our true leaders in far from celebratory times. Balcony is more than an online festival, this is a socially inclusive building brick of future music artists x industry x media. Stream on.

Please invite your friends and selves to the #BalconyOnlineFest 2 facebook event!

and talking of #ourNHS – 1 (Thank you forever) + 2 (another of the bands woven into our documentary’s tapestry) = these 3:

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