Bugeye: for ‘When The Lights Go Out’!

Digital single ‘When The Lights Go Out’24th April 2020 via Reckless Yes |Pre-save https://ffm.to/a79olom| This precedes the debut album, also produced by Paul Tipler, that is coming in June!

Art by Julia Woolams, 31% Wool

The lights of hope HAVE gone out in the eyes of many. Praise the music goddess for Bugeye, shining aural light into our lives with a pure PunkPop passion;

“It’s Friday night, at last the working week’s over, and guess what, it was a bit of a shitty week… again. Nothing changed, everything’s the same, so we go out and we drink with our mates to escape it all. Legendary night of self-medication, the downward spiral, before the week starts all over again.

This song is about depression and using alcohol as a pick me up to freedom, only to find you are trapped in a cycle.” (Bugeye)

Many of us have been here. Even in day-structure-free lockdown, we can repeat this pattern. 2020 is a zeitgeist for humanity. At all levels, already with future and historic soundtracks.

Generating love on the culled culture grassroots circuit, artists who shape the rising underground in “Austerity” (A-Pop?), emit extra stardust. With nothing to lose, they give all.

Bugeye are one such band. They’ve a debut LP bonus – ‘Ready Steady Bang’ – in the wings for June! The excitement fizzing from their producer, Paul Tipler, when we chatted at one of the band’s shows was crackling before they’d even released recent (and rightly praised on high) taster singles. This year, they are part of the collaborative, innovative Reckless Yes (label matesinclude LIINES and Mark Morriss).

There is so much more to each lovely Bugeye gang member – Angela Martin – guitar and vocals, Grace Healey – keyboard, Paula Snow – bass, Kerrie Smith – drums – photographed by Julia Woolams

Dropping into the kind of April that nobody can fully comprehend, ‘When The Lights Go Out’ is another facet of what already sounds like an LP of the year on these teased singles, alone. It’s the sound of a space-cadet school disco exploding euphoria in shimmery techni-coloured layers of HD instrumental sounds, vocals included. Musicality powered poptastic breaks like these should put Bugeye on every serious “must-get-tickets-for” bucket list to feel these songs live.

With our minds on so much right now, only the strongest sounds can earworm. We can’t go out but also can’t complain if we are well, safe and fed. We riot in isolation joys of new found appreciations if lucky. Shout and dance along defiantly to this deliciously rhythmed HIT. Bugeye remain one of the musical groups that would play Top Of The Pops in a parallel dimension bringing light to sometimes dark subjects.

‘Don’t Stop’ a DIY delight of a video.

With their tour cancelled for safety, Bugeye entertain online with live sets and informed, engaging podcasts. Watch their spaces for the next ones.

Born in the late ‘90s (gigs included The Astoria and Wembley), Bugeye took a break until 2015. They keep pushing boundaries of sound while maintaining and expanding their polished live performance.

With praise from key spotters like John Kennedy, God Is In The TV, Louder Than War, Get In Her Ears, Janice Long, Steve Lamacq and ace independent / international radio play, their time is NOW.

Multi airplay from USA’s legendary Rodney Bingenheimer!

‘For When The Lights Go Out’ is another expansive Bugeye musical production that will turn our inner lights straight back on.

Connect to their socials via https://bugeyeband.co.uk

25th April. Day after the Bugeye single release, an exclusive set at the increasingly essential #BalconyOnLineFest (starts 1pm GMT) join/invite-to the FB event/updates page!

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