Lockdown Look Up

Freshly presented Top Of The Genre Fusion Pops. Lockdown Weekend 2.

1/3 MIRI is a musical activist, singer, composer, promotor and panel curator. Most recently live streaming for grassroots music venues (with Frank Turner and friends), MIRI was also a total tonic at the #BalconyOnLineFest for Musicians Against Homelessness, recently, reminding of her strong and raspy-fairy vocals on the Loud Women Stage.

2/3 – RtN – The demos have dropped.

Our Independent Venue Week star turn at the #FuturePicks launch – RtN has just dropped DIY-altpop demos, another strong voice with so much more going on (peek into the interview with Louise Schofield TV). ‘Time’ is especially rousing.

and some brand new URLs – please do follow them, friends. https://instagram.com/rtnmakesmusic/ *
https://facebook.com/rtnmakesmusic/ *

3/3 – Beija Flo. Gonna go back to #BalconyOnlineFest because, frankly it was a great way to watch personal performances together with friends old and new. Hats off to the Sonic Tonic stage for such wonderful entertainment that one of our creative talent aces, Sandy K. Moz, tweeted “who is that band currently playing because I think I’m in love with her haha” during the performance!

People are worried that TV stations will run out of content due to the Lockdown Days, they could raise their game with audiovisual sensations like Beija Flo!

https://instagram.com/iambeijaflo/ *

You actually have time to investigate just three new talents a week. Surely?

Did you check out Lockdown Week 1? Felixity, Billy Nomates, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs – for your radar. Positive activity and feedback happening for all three…

psst next #BalconyOnlineFest happens 11th April. Be involved via the FB Event (for NHS Charities Together)

Fresh facets of musical voices and minds, tunes and beats that landed in surreal times. Where “News” has stopped making sense, music is still the truth.

Stay In. Bliss Out. –Lockdown Look Up.

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