Sick Love, Baby, It’s You!

‘I’m So (Fucked Without You)’ is the fourth track from Sick Love‘s no-holds-barred EP, ‘Baby It’s You’, which this track completes.

It’s a major rock anthems alert, every song, with this band. As 21st Century up and comers go, they are easily one of the sickest of the slickest.

Photography by marthas_picsx

With ‘Im So…”, Rebecca Geary‘s voice entices us gently by a small side door into the aircraft hangar sized space that Sick Love fill to capacity with this song. Straight to any lockdown escapism with the increased relevance of the “so fucked without you” sentiment.

You can hear, taste and feel the energy shaking this EP. Turn it UP.

Sick Love trade in songs we can relate to. They are “The Band Next Door” in our ears and bona fide star shaped shakers on stage. On the rise in an Irish music scene which is increasingly on the up, simultaneously, Sick Love have made friends around Britain with every show, also.

‘I’m So (Fucked Without You)’ is the final song from their highly anticipated EP, Baby, It’s You, completing ‘I Want You All Of The Time’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘My Man’. It’s a gold calling card for a top tier worthy group. Move-maker rhythms, power chord riffs, saucy licks and a singer who straddles being tiger and kitten at ease, on record or stage.

This EP makes me yearn to be with friends dancing down the front while I’m jigging like yer-dad’s-yer-mam and everybody grinning at Sick Love’s rock ‘n’ roll purity.

Investigate further, if you don’t already know, so that when we can get outta lockdown and back to rock down, Sick Love are on your ticket-bucket-list. This band are one of my faves of rock’s punky newer wave, baby. It’s true. ‘Baby It’s You’:

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