Balcony Fest #SaveOurVenues

Saturday 30th May #BalconyOnlineFest Live stream music show from 1pm for Music Venue Trust’s #SaveOurVenues campaign.

Hosted by Louise Schofield – Free to view. Donations Welcomed. Updates/Artists

Saturday’s show features exclusive performances, curated by regulars of grassroots independence rooted under the radar where the exciting up and comers are. (scroll down for more)

A promoter on this circuit, Baroque n roll musician and composer, Monefa Walker, of our team, not only soundtracks these days classically but also notes:

“If artists and venues are the microcosm, the industry, community and abundance available is the macrocosm. You can’t build without a foundation so trust me, if these venues go, the artists and higher echelon industry can forget about pulling in loads of dosh.

Image by Lisa Perry

The grassroots section of the music industry is the imperative cog in “the machine”. We also need to realise it affects all genres, it’s not something exclusively happening to some areas of music. Every aspect of art is under threat and if it all goes, we can’t complain, as we had the power to do something.”

Digital gigs are one facet of lockdown creativity but nothing can replace being part of the show by attendance. That is what we’re campaigning for. The future is bleak but sparked with hope and potential by courtesy of how Music Venue Trust and more have galvanised.

MVT’s 19th May newsletter; “140 UK Music Venues Removed from ‘Critical’ List …For Now.”In 3 weeks support at all levels raised over £1.5 million in donations, inititatied by MVT in response to the continued economic threat to over 500 grassroots UK music venues, nationwide. Stay updated/Save a venue via

We all have favourite starmaker spaces, I dig Amersham Arms in New Cross, Latest Music Bar in Brighton, Manchester Night & Day and The Thekla in Bristol. I asked Tiger Mimic who are coming up on the grass roots circuit (and also of the Balcony and CroCroLand Festivals alumni). about a fave space to play/save…

“Anything anyone can do to help #SaveOurVenues is great, but we’ll have to go with Dublin Castle. Can’t stomach the idea of never gathering in that amazing, sweaty, special place ever again. We’ve seen countless incredible gigs, found friends we’ll have for life, been soaked in beer and sweat time and time again, played our first proper Tiger Mimic gig (and several since), and we want to have one hell of a reunion party there when this is all over!”

Tiger Mimic at The Dublin Castle in Camden

Dublin Castle is also home to The Camden Mix Up and it’s extended rock and roll family. Often find each other mixed up at each other’s e vents.

For instance, the above mentioned Benumu is one of the (all multi tasking) music media/industry united to create Balcony events for charities. Luke of
FALSE HEADS is on The Benumu Stage.

Scrounge are playing The Joyzine Stage, instigators of this series, the established new music site, promoter and collaborator streams Balcony events on their YouTube channel.

Clwb Fuzz grace The God Is In The TV Zine. Stage. Another key site, all have events and more to their name (Now with ace podcast, Editor, Bill, tipped me off about The Moon and TheZineUK team popped with Simon Benumu to Cardiff for a punk adventure. Hope to do it again!

Eilis Frawley is on The LOUD WOMEN Stage – even in 2020, mainstream music festivals are unable to emulate the buzz and success of this (international) organisation – a femme force of Nature.

LE JUNK are on The GigSlutz Stage and HIDEOUS WHEEL INVENTION on The Louderthanwar Stage – two of the UK’s main publication for what is Happening.

Described by DIY as “Sunken, serene guitar pop”, Firestations will play the effervescent Sonic Tonic Stage.
Gig promoters of independent bands that they feel deserve wider exposure and also key to the South London new music (r)Evolution.

Balcony has a mighty alliance of passionate activists for every show. CroCroLand, for instance, helped make Croydon a Borough of Culture, on top of being a future blueprint for how to festival

Just massive thanks to all involved in Aid Of Save Our Venues, and for inspiring me over this lockdown period. I feel connected by the live chats with friends, too.

I’m gonna leave the last word with False Heads who recently spoke to GQ (full article here) about the importance of venues like, The Macbeth, a century old essential space that gave the band early support and “just put on bands they like and believe in”. Just one reason why we MUST save our venues!

False Heads: Barney Nash, Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott by Neil McCarty

False Heads’ debut album ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ is a new Rock Classic, give it a listen (Spotify link) then enjoy singer/guitarist, Luke, stripped down, locked down and getting down at the #BalconyOnlineFest Live Stream on the Joyzine YouTube Channel, 30th May from 1pm GMT.

Way to round off 2020’s first half. Look at how many people are coming on board!!! Here’s to better days…

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