Dirty Orange ‘Fold’

New BritRock single ‘Fold’ is the full hand! Dirty Orange? Filthy, more like! Accompanied by an instant fave video.

Affordable, DIY multi media tech rules 2020. With no gigs, quarantine has gone beyond being a great leveller to a personal insight as to why Britain has stayed (mostly) caring and compassionate, even with a shifty sociopath part timer in Drowning Street: Music lovers are creative, fun lovers!

From highly personal and stripped down live streams to the fans-and-friends family videos, we have never been so ‘All In It Together’.

Aww, Dirty Orange have got a bunch of charismatic, potential Brit-flick stars in their story. I’m just really lifted by the songs energy and this gang:

Clocking in at around two minutes of sandpaper punked guitar blasting dynamics, ‘Fold’ is growled bluesy, garage punk sex driven by full throttle beats and licks.

This third single follows 2019’s introductions: ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Every Little Thing’. These releases gained national/independent radio play and sell-out headline shows for the band.

Step aside, quarantine, Dirty Orange are pushing through with a series of aces up their sleeves, starting with ‘Fold’ – and sounding pretty unstoppable while they’re at it!

Out now. Hear here:


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